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The Hundred-Foot Journey – Quotes

Stacey Tuttle on August 26, 2014 - 5:19 pm in Movie Quotes 2014

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Hassan:  My school was my home in Mumbai and my mother was my teacher.

Hassan’s Mom:  To cook you must kill; you must make ghosts—ghosts that live on in every ingredient. 

Customs Agent:  We just need to establish that you aren’t going to Europe for an arranged marriage.
Mahira:  No, it’s just me.  Nothing in my family is arranged. 

Hassan: The vegetables [in England], they have no soul.

Papa:  I am no mechanic, but I think it’s something to do with the brakes.

Papa:  Wherever the family is, that is the home.

Mansur:  The French don’t even eat Indian food.  They have their own food.  It is famous all over the world.

Papa:  Forgive the silence, Marguerite.  I think my family is afraid they died in the accident and now they have gone to heaven.

Papa:  [Mama told me,] Brakes break for a reason.

Madame Mallory:  This is private property.
Papa:  Do you own it?
Madame Mallory:  No.
Papa:  Oh, then you are trespassing, too!

Papa:  Madame, asking for a discount doesn’t mean I’m poor; it means I’m thrifty!

Mansur:  It has a Micheline Star!
Papa:  I know.  I saw it. Twinkle, twinkle.  So what?

Mansur:  There is already a restaurant, across the street.  A hundred feet.  We measured.

Madame Mallory:  In this restaurant, cuisine is not an old, tired marriage.  It is a passionate affair!

Hassan:  I hear the Madame is not happy for the competition. 
Marguerite:  Madame is never happy.

Papa:  Welcome to our humble abode, Madame, and thank you for barging in.

Mansur:  It’s our tandoori oven, chicken tika and, sometimes small children…  kidding!

Madame Mallory:  Well, if your food is anything like your music, I suggest you turn it down.

Hassan to Mahira:  Smile.  You got good teeth.  Just smile.

Restaurant Guest:  Is it a wedding over there?
Madame Mallory:  A funeral.  The death of good taste.

Hassan to Marguerite:  You’re lucky.  The smell of pigs’ feet and vinegar reminds me of my father.

Hassan:  No, papa, this is not right. 
Papa:  She did it to us, we do it to her.

Madame Mallory, commenting on the French national anthem:  There are other ways to be French.  Liberty.  Equality.  Fraternity.

Hassan:  Not enough cardamom.
Madame Mallory:  Not enough gratitude.

Mahira:  You know they hate us.  Doesn’t that bother you? 
Hassan:  No.

Hassan:  Madame, I would like to make your omelet, but I need your help, to break the eggs.

Madame Mallory:  Arrogance.
Hassan:  A chef must lead.

Madame Mallory:  You have it.  Your pigeon had it too. 
Hassan:  I know.

Hassan:  Don’t you want me to have classical training?
Papa:  India is notclassical? We are the oldest people in the world!

Madame Mallory:  It’s called subtlety of flavor. 
Papa:  It’s called meanness of spirit.  If you have a seasoning, use it, don’t sprinkle it!

Madame Mallory:  I will report you for loud music.
Papa:  I will report you for child abduction!

Papa:  Indian cannot become French, and French cannot become Indian.
Madame Mallory:  Mr. Kadam, I believe I just spent the entire day wiping those words off your walls. 

Madame Mallory:  I am waiting for Hassan Kadam, or death, whichever comes first.

Madame Mallory:  But why change a recipe that’s 200 years old? 
Hassan:  Because, Madame, maybe 200 years is old enough.

Papa:  How is he doing?
Madame Mallory:  Well, why don’t you cross the road sometime and see for yourself?
Papa:  I’m afraid I can’t afford your exorbitant prices.

Madame Mallory:  They’re called critics.  They’re like restaurant gods. 
Papa:  They always call?  At 7:0?  Every year? 
Madame Mallory:  Yes.
Papa:  Then they are cruel to make you wait. 
Madame Mallory:  Yes, cruel.  Like gods. 

Cuisine in France is a secret society with no secret. 

Papa about Hassan:  He looks like a bloody terrorist.

Madame Mallory:  That’s the press.  They twist everything. 
Papa:  And he does nothing to untwist them? 

Madame Mallory:  We did not pick flowers.  We were looking for mushrooms and we found flowers. 

Papa:  Crazy French woman.


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