/ About Us

Shepherd Project Ministries is a Christian para-church organization focused on helping followers of Jesus maximize their impact on the world.  Our goal is to come alongside Christians from every tradition and help them dig deep into the truth and reach wide into the world, sharing the good news of Jesus Christ and living as God intended in such a way that those in their sphere of influence understand the truth and are drawn to it.

We have three divisions:  1)  a communicators division through which we develop and support a select group of Christian speakers and worship artists, providing teaching and worship-leading to Christian churches and organizations at ministry-minded rates; 2) a resource division through which we develop and provide Christian books and media; 3) a conference division through which we produce events on topics of significance to Christians seeking to have an impact for Christ on their culture.

We are not an apologetics ministry in the strict sense, though we do develop apologetics resources when necessary.  Our goal is to provide Christians with whatever they need to be able to understand the truth of the Christian faith and articulate that truth meaningfully in their specific cultural context.

We are particularly interested in what we call “strategic intersections of faith and culture.”  These are places where Christian truth and cultural issue are coming naturally into contact.  Our goal in exploring these intersections and developing resources (i.e. conferences, articles, speaking tours, media, et.al.) is to provide Christian with tools by which they can easily and meaningfully enter into conversations already taking place in our culture, conversations where there is a natural bridge to the Gospel.

Our Statement of Faith

Jesus of Nazareth is God's only son, fully divine and fully human, incarnated as an infant and growing up as a man in first century Israel.  He lived a perfect life, died as a sacrifice for our sin and rose bodily from the dead three days later.  By personally trusting in Jesus and his sacrifice for us, we are set free from death and darkness and made participants in God's now-and-coming Kingdom. We know this because God's inspired word, the Bible, properly interpreted, is fully accurate in all that it reports and teaches.