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Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Stacey Tuttle on October 10, 2014 - 3:05 pm in Movie Quotes 2014

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Alexander: My parents say there’s no such thing as a bad day—it’s all in how you look at it. They’re wrong.

Alexander: My dad is a relentless optimist.

Anthony: I’m dating the hottest girl in school. I’m getting crowned king at prom tomorrow and if I pass my test tomorrow, I’ll have my driver’s license. I’ll have everything I’ve ever wanted. I mean, hashtag blessed.

Alexander: Well, I’ve had a crap day…every. Single. Day. And you guys just don’t care, because your lives are just so perfect.

Ben: What good would freaking out do? Then I’d just be freaked out and unemployed.

Ben: Daddy wishes he could swear right now.

Alexander: He’s been waiting all year to make out with her in the back of the van.

Kelly: Chim-Chiminey wants to kill me; can you imagine?!

Ben: I’m not gonna wear a pirate blouse! Alex: Pirate or puke – your choice.

Kelly: You’re fearless. You’re willing to put yourself out there and that’s amazing!

Kelly: My little boy’s in a tuxedo, going to prom, in sneakers.

Ben: You know who you are, Ben? You’re the flaming pirate of Nagamaki!

Alexander: You don’t always have to ‘steer your ship with positivity’. Some days are just bad and nothing can fix it. I think you just got to have the bad days so you can love the good days even more.

Alexander: After today, I know that even terrible days aren’t that bad …when you’re surrounded by people you love. For us, the worse things get, this family just gets better.



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