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Battle of the Sexes – Quotes

Mike on January 18, 2018 - 12:09 pm in Uncategorized
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We want to make this the most prestigious tournament ever!
Billie Jean King:  And…paying the women less than ever makes it more prestigious??

Gladys:  Are we really gonna do this?
Billie Jean King:  Sure we are.
Gladys:  How are we going to do this?
Billie Jean King:  No idea.

Billie Jean King:  If you have nothing to offer us, I have a contract to sign.

Billie Jean King:  I’m married.
Marilyn:  That’s OK.  I’ve got a boyfriend, sort of.

Bobby Riggs:  You’re still a feminist, right?
Billie Jean King:  No, I’m a tennis player that happens to be a woman.

Billie Jean King:  Whatever I may feel, I can’t act on it.

Bobby Riggs:  You folks aren’t here because you’re a gambler; you’re here because you’re terrible gamblers.

Bobby Riggs:  Life is a gamble!

Bobby Riggs:  These folks don’t need to stop gambling, they just need to get better at it.

Larry King:  I’m not the competition.  I’m just her husband and you’re just the sideshow and if you get between her and the game, you’ll be gone.

Ted:  Best be careful.  The world isn’t always a forgiving place.

Billie Jean King:  I think everyone cares what I do.  I’m gonna let them all down.

Billie Jean King:  I’m going to be the best, that way I can really change things.  That way I can have a voice.

Bobby Riggs:  Sauna suit – killing me but every time I breathe I lose a pound.

Jack Kramer:  The thing about women is they find it hard to consistently handle the pressure.  Some would say they’re not built for it.

Billie Jean King:  Of course it’s big!  The one thing that man knows how to do is hustle.

Announcer:  It’s not that women can’t play tennis; it’s that they can’t handle the pressure.  Maybe this will put an end to women asking for the same pay.

Announcer:  A rather easy triumph over motherhood and woman kind.

Billie Jean King:  You’re a good man, Larry.
Larry King:  You’re a good woman.
Billie Jean King:  I wish that were true.
Larry King:  Just focus on the match.  Everything else can wait.

Bobby Riggs:  I’m going to be on the cover of Time magazine.  Won Wimbledon three times, never got on the cover of Time.

Billie Jean King to Jack Kramer:   With Bobby it’s all show, but with you, it’s real.  It’s when we dare to want a little bit more, just a little bit of what you have, that’s what you can’t stand.

Billie Jean King:  Is your father better than your mother just because he’s a man?  Because that’s what you’re saying.

Bobby Riggs:  I underestimated you.

Billie Jean King:  I’m not sure I’m ready for all of this.
Ted:  I think you’re more ready than you know.

Ted:  Someday we will be free to be who we are and love who we love.

Ted:  Times change.  You should know.  You just changed them.



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