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Before I Fall – Quotes

Stacey Tuttle on March 15, 2017 - 11:00 am in Movie Quotes 2017
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Sammy: Maybe for you there’s a tomorrow. Maybe for you there’s 1,000 or 3,000 or 10. … So much time you can waste it. But for some of us, there’s only today and what you do today matters, in the moment and maybe to infinity. But I didn’t know any of that until I fell.

Lindsay: I’d never let my best friend die a virgin. It’s the big day. Opening night.

Elody: No glove, no love.

AC: I’m in heteronormative hell.

Sammy: Were you nervous your first time? Lindsay: I was too drunk to care.

Lindsay (?): We did it right, you know? Kissed the hottest boys. Went to the hottest parties… I can’t believe it’s almost over.

Lindsay: You don’t want to waste the first night you go full womanhood.

A sign: Become who you are.

Sammy: What do you think people will say about you when you die?
Lindsay: That we’re hot.

Sammy: It wasn’t a dream. It really happened. Again.

Sammy’s mom: You’ll feel better when you see some of your roses… You’re lucky to be so popular.

Sammy: Maybe everything was connected. Maybe a flock of birds can cause a rainstorm and everything done could be undone… Maybe things could change and I could change them.

Sammy: I’m not going to have sex with him just because I want him to say “I love you.”

Sammy: Remind me again, why do we hate Juliette? Are you serious? It’s because of all those creepy drawings.

Lindsay: Look, you can’t just be mean to somebody forever and then feel bad when she dies.

Sammy: I did everything right and nothing changed. The day starts and ends the same no matter what I do or say. So if that’s how this works, I’m gonna do and say whatever I want.

Kent: Do you need to prove to the rest of us that you don’t give a s***? This isn’t you.

AC: Why do you guys hate me so much?
Sammy: I don’t know. Isn’t that how it always works out? There’s somebody laughing and there’s somebody being laughed at?

Elodie: It doesn’t matter if it’s true. She’s Lindsay. She’s ours.

Sammy: You’re the horrible [one]. You’re the one who was friends with her and then tortured her for all these years and now I’m the one paying for it.

Sammy: If I was going to live the same day over and over I wanted it to be a worthy day. But not just for me.

Sammy’s mom: Do one good thing. You just focus on that one good thing and you see where it leads you.

Sammy: How is it possible to be able to change so much and not change anything at all?

Sammy: Why are you always so nice to me?
Kent: Well, remember in second (?) grade, right after my dad died? … Phil Howell called me a baby… You came over; you scooped up the mashed potatoes right up off the ground and smashed them in his face and said “you’re worse than a hot lunch.” (Which was a pretty good insult at the time.) It was the first time I laughed since my dad died. You remember what I said to you?
Sammy: You’re my hero.
Kent: And that day I vowed to be your hero, too, no matter how long it took.

Juliette: Lindsay is the one who peed. She just pointed at me and screamed, “She did it!”

Sammy: For the first time when I wake up, I’m not scared of confused or angry. Because for the first time, I truly understand what needs to happen. I truly understand how to live this day.

Sammy: You know why I love you? Because you’re down for anything. I love you, Ali, because you are … passionate. I love you, Lindsay, because you are the person that papers Jason’s house for a week just because he said I was a bad kisser.

Sammy: Stop!!! But it’s Juliette?!
Sammy: Exactly.   It’s Juliette. She has a name, and she’s a person.

Sammy: Lindsay, why didn’t you ever tell me about your parent’s divorce?
Lindsay: Why would I tell you about something that happened 1,000 years ago?
Sammy: Because it happened to you and I love you.

Sammy: You don’t want to die. You want your pain to stop… you have a choice, Juliette.

Juliette: Not everybody gets that. Don’t you get it? I can’t be fixed.
Sammy: You’re not the one who needs fixing…. This is just a blip… Just hold on for one more minute.

Sammy: Maybe for you there’s a tomorrow… What you do today matters—in the moment and maybe for infinity.

Sammy:  I see only my greatest hits. I see the things I want to remember and be remembered for. That’s when I realize that certain moments go on forever, even after they’re over they go on. They are the meaning.

Juliette: You saved me! Sammy: No. You saved me.

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