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Big Hero 6 – Movie Discussion

Stacey Tuttle on December 16, 2014 - 4:00 pm in Christian Living, Movie Responses, Movie Reviews 2014, Parenting, Students

The world was in trouble. There was an evil villain with great power and he was bent on destruction. Other than young Hiro, most of the world was oblivious to the danger facing them. He couldn’t fight it on his own, he needed help. He needed a savior.

He found a savior, but it wasn’t quite what he had been looking for. Bay Max was a robot created by Hiro’s deceased brother to help people with their health. Hiro wanted a big, impressive, strong, fierce warrior robot, and Bay Max was anything but. Tadashi created him to look more like the stay puff marshmallow man than a super hero, so that he would be less intimidating to people in need of help. He was soft and squishy. He didn’t fly. He didn’t have any weapons attached. He could scan and evaluate your health. He could warm you. But he didn’t seem like he would be much help fighting against the fierce enemy.

Bay Max was kind of a disappointment, but he was all Hiro had—that and a few of his brother’s friends who were willing to join the cause—and in the end, Bay Max was enough. He was perfect, actually. They defeated the enemy but in so doing, Bay Max had to give his life to save the others. Hiro was devastated and begged him not to, but it was the only way. Bay Max told Hiro he would always be with him…but it was small consolation. Sure, Hiro would never forget Bay Max and in that sense, Bay Max would always be with Hiro, but still, he wouldn’t be there in the flesh anymore. It wouldn’t be the same.

Later, after Bay Max was gone and Hiro had gotten back to “normal” life, depressed and lost without Bay Max, Hiro discovered something. Bay Max had left something behind for Hiro—his programming chip. He really was going ro be with Hiro forever! Hiro had the heart and soul, if you will, of Bay Max on the chip. He wasn’t alone without Bay Max after all.

It’s not a perfect parallel, but in so many ways, this is the story of the gospel!

Our world was in trouble. An evil villain with great power was bent on our destruction. Many people in the world were, (and still are) oblivious to the dangers, but they were there, nonetheless, and there were people on earth who, like Hiro, were looking for a savior. When he came, the savior wasn’t what they expected. He wasn’t a ruling king or a mighty warrior. He didn’t come to conquer the world by force or kill the enemy. Instead, he came equipped to help mankind. He was warm and approachable. He was a healer, a shepherd, a teacher, a fisherman. Just like Bay Max, he could scan a person and tell them exactly what was wrong with them—not just in their body, but also in their soul, and not only could he diagnose, he could also heal the problem. And in the end, he too gave his life as a sacrifice because it was the only way. By his death we were saved and the enemy was defeated for good. He wasn’t the savior man was looking for, but he was perfect. Literally, he was perfect, in every way.

Of course, his closest friends were reluctant to let him die. They spoke out against his death. They tried to stop him, but he insisted. He insisted because he loved them. Not only that, but he knew something that they didn’t. It wouldn’t be the end. He would always be with them. Not just in some metaphorical, vaguely comforting way—like how we imagine our dead grandmother is still with us, looking out for us, but in a very real, tangible way. It wasn’t Jesus just like we had him, but he left something behind. In fact, he said it would be best if he left so that we could have this instead, because it was even better than having him there in the flesh. When he left, his spirit came, the Holy Spirit, to be with us, to help us. The Holy Spirit is even called the Helper. Just like Hiro, we never have to be without our best friend again.

Questions for Discussion:

  • How was Bay Max a bit of a disappointment at first to Hiro?
  • How was Jesus a disappointment to the people of his day?
  • What were some of the things about Bay Max that turned out to be good things in the end?
  • Have you ever been disappointed by something but then found that it was a good thing in the end, maybe even perfect?
  • How hard do you think it was for the disciples to lose Jesus?
  • What do you think it was like for the disciples to discover the Holy Spirit and know that they hadn’t lost Jesus after all? How does watching Hiro’s story help you understand what the disciples went through a little better?


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