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The Book of Life – Quotes

Stacey Tuttle on October 25, 2014 - 1:00 am in Movie Quotes 2014

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Kids: There’s no door there, lady. You’re seeing things. Tour Guide: Am I? Or are you not seeing things?

Tour Guide: All the world is made of stories.

Tour Guide: Though you may doubt some of the stories, one thing we all know is Mexico is the center of the universe.

Street Vendor: Churros! Churros! [Bird poops on churros.] Frosted churros!

Maria: I belong to no one.

Advice about the dead: As long as we remember them we can feel their presence one more time.

Kid: So these ancient gods picked three little kids to, like, represent the world?

Manolo’s dad: You will be the greatest bull fighter the world has ever known. The will write songs about you. Manolo: And I will sing them.

Maria: Don’t ever stop playing. Don’t ever stop fighting for what’s right.

Grandma: Ah…kids today with their long hair and their no killing stuff.

Joaquin: Those are some big shadows we live under, hey buddy? Manolo: Huge.

Mariachi Men: I’m allergic to dying.   / Especially in the face!

Manolo: Killing the bull is wrong! Grandma to Manolo’s Dad: See! I told you he no do it.

Manolo’s Dad: Do not make it worse by apologizing. A Sanchez man never apologizes. Never!

Manolo: If being a bull fighter means killing the bull, then I am no bull fighter. Manolo’s Dad: No. You are no Sanchez.

Joaquin: I am sure you will make a man really happy, and I hope that man’s mustache and his medals make you very happy. Maria: I’m going to go check on Chuy. He’s my pig. I need to spend time with someone more civilized.

Maria: Did you think it was going to be that easy? Manolo: I, I kind of did.

What, you want a banjo?

Joaquin: Why don’t you fight a real man with a really awesome mustache?

Grandma: Manolo, if Maria didn’t say ‘yes’ to Joaquin, then she said ‘no’.

Manolo: I may not be the town hero, but I will never stop loving you.

Kids: Maria died? That’s not right. What kind of story is this? We’re just kids!!! / No! Manolo too? What is it with Mexicans and death? Tour Guide: Oh my sweet child, this is not the end.

About the land of the remembered: Everything was like the land above, but it was more colorful and more vibrant.

Grandpa: Why couldn’t this be the elevator of souls?

Candle Maker: You have earned the right to be judged. … You didn’t live the life that was written for you. You are writing your own story!

Manolo: I’m going alone. Grandpa: Fine. I’m going alone too. Right along with you.

You misbegotten son of a leper’s donkey!

You are like the son I never had, but much prettier!

Joaquin: Not now, Maria! It’s Joaquin time!

Song: If you can forgive and forget, love can truly live.

La Muerte: Manolo’s fear was never bull fighting. In that moment, Manolo conquered his greatest fear: being himself.

Manolo: So, my father tells me you hate bull fighters. Villain: I hate everybody!

Joaquin: it’s time to cast our own shadows, to write our own stories.

Tour Guide: So, Joaquin learned that to be a true hero, you have to be selfless.

Love, true love, the really good kind of love, never dies.

La Muerte: Anyone can die. These kids will live.





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