Follow The Signs DVD Set


Recorded on location with Crosswalk international ministries, the Signs DVD series includes 6 full-length messages by international Christian speaker Craig Smith. Hilarious, challenging and biblically rigorous, this series looks at the ways God speaks to us and teaches us how to hear His voice in the midst of the noise of modern life.


Whether the signs are obvious or obscure, they all have to be seen to be of any use in our lives.  But do we live in the expectation that God longs to guide us?


How can God possibly pay attention to us, know us and long to be involved in our everyday lives?  Isn’t He too busy running the universe to give us more than a passing glance?  When we begin to wrap our minds around even the fringes of the greatness of our God, such questions fade into a joyous acceptance that we are the recipients of unending divine attention.


With so many voices calling for our attention and offering us guidance, how do we know what voices to trust?  The Bible is both a primary means by which God speaks to us today and the standard by which we judge everything else that claims to be from God.


Whether God speaks in the dramatic or the deep, we will miss hearing His voice unless we learn to listen.


God most clearly reveals His will to those who are ready to do His will.  What does your life revolve around?  Does God have His rightful, natural place in the center of your life?


Jesus is the clearest revelation of God’s nature and will.  But do we see Jesus as he really is?




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