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The boxtrolls – Quotes

Stacey Tuttle on October 1, 2014 - 4:10 pm in Movie Quotes 2014

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Mr. Snatcher: The unspeakable has happened! We must speak of it immediately!

Mr. Snatcher: Evil is afoot. Mr. Pickles: Have you ever seen a foot be evil? Mr. Trout: I think he meant evil is nearby.

Winnie: I’m not obsessed! I just can’t help imagining them gnawing on my toes and stringing them together like a pearls on a necklace.

Mr. Pickles: Here come the exterminators! Mr. Trout: That sounds like we’re the bad guys! Mr. Pickles: Here come the exterminators of justice! Mr. Gristle: We exterminate justice!

Eggs: Why do we do this Shoe? Carrying on as if everything is normal? They drag us away and we do nothing!

Winnie: You’re the worst pick-pocket I’ve ever seen! Here! [Tosses him a coin.] Buy a book on how to be a better thief!

Winnie: Did they eat your family? Did they let you watch?

Mr. Pickles: Ever wonder about what their thinking about? Mr. Trout: I imagine they’re evaluating their life choices.

Mr. Pickles: That’s why your name is the boss, Boss.

Mr. Trout: Aromatic. Oaky. With the undertone of a mother’s smile on a warm day.

Mr. Pickles: It doesn’t make sense—that’s evil prevailing over good.

Mr. Snatcher: That’s everything I worked for! Mr. Trout: You mean we worked for? Mr. Pickles: I think he means the same thing. Mr. Trout: I don’t think he does.

Winnie: If you’re going to eat me, get it over with. I’m sure I’m delicious.

Winnie: Where are the rivers of blood and mountains of bones? I was promised mountains of bones!

Winnie, looking at Eggs’ hands vs. the boxtrolls’: See! You’re not like them. You’re one of us.

Winnie: Stop! You don’t scratch that in public. That’s why they’re called privates.

Winnie: You say it’s a pleasure to meet you, even if it’s not a pleasure to meet you.                                     

Lord Portley-Rind: Do you know how expensive that cheese was?! We might just as well have built a children’s hospital!

Eggs: You said a father was supposed to help, they took care of kids! Winnie: Well, they’re supposed to.

Eggs: It was a pleasure meeting you. And Winnie, I really DO mean that.

Mr. Pickles: Goodness always triumphs over evil, right? Right, Mr. Trout? I’m still 60-70% sure that’s us—a couple of good guys vanquishing evil.

Eggs’ Father: Who are you? Boxtroll or boy? A boxboy. A boytroll. A new species!

Mr. Snatcher: They ain’t gonna run. You can’t change nature.

Eggs’ Father: They can change! They can do it! Tell them!

Winnie: Are you pest exterminators or evil henchmen? Mr. Pickles: Huh! I knew that’s how people saw us. Winnie: You don’t have to do this! Mr. Trout: She’s right!

Eggs: Don’t do it. It won’t change who you are. Cheese. Hats. Boxes. They don’t make who you are. YOU make who you are.



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