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Cars 3 – Quotes

Stacey Tuttle on June 25, 2017 - 9:30 am in Movie Quotes 2017

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Announcer about new training technology: They create a racing experience so real these racers never even have to go outside!

Cal: I asked my uncle one time how I’d know when it was time to stop. “The youngsters will tell ya.” That’s what he said.

Doc about being replaced by a rookie: There was a lot left in me—I never got a chance to show.

Lightning: You know they told [Doc] when he was done?!

Sally: Don’t fear failure. Be afraid of not having the chance. You do have the chance!

Mater about a new drink: It went down faster than an elevator full of Winnebago’s!

Cruz: It’s all about motivation. You can use all the negative to push through...

Cruz: Mr. McQueen, wait until you can handle it, please! There are no shortcuts!

Sterling: Every time you lose, you damage yourself.
Lightning: Damage the brand, you mean?!

Cruz: Dream small, Cruz. Dream small or not at all. That’s what my parents used to tell me. They were just trying to protect me, I guess.

Cruz, after sharing how she felt she couldn’t do it and walked away from her first race: When you showed up for your first race, what was it like for you?
Lightning: I don’t know. I just never thought I couldn’t.

Mater about the phone ringing: There you go, somebody’s interrupting genius!

Lightning: Mater, you’re brilliant!
Mater: Yeah, well, it’s all about the shape of your teeth.

Lightning: Wow, you don’t mince words around here, do you?
Smokey: Truth is always quicker, kid.

Lightning: Racing was the best part of his life and when it ended, well, he was never the same after that.
Smokey: Hud loved racing, but coaching you?! I’d never seen the old grump so happy. Racing wasn’t the best of his life, you were.

Smokey: Hud some something in you that you don’t even see yourself.

Smokey: Lesson 1, you’re old. Accept that. You’ll never be as fast as Storm, but you can be smarter.

Cruz: What are you doing?
Lightning: You said it yourself—this might be my last chance, which makes it my last chance to give you your first chance!

Storm to Cruz: You can play dress up all you want, but you’ll never be one of us.

Lightning to Cruz about Storms digs: He would never have done that if you weren’t in his head!

Storm: You don’t belong on this track!
Cruz: Yes I do!!!!


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