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Cinderella – Quotes

Stacey Tuttle on March 21, 2015 - 3:25 pm in Movie Quotes 2015

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Narrator: She saw the world, not always as it was, but as it could be…with a perhaps a little bit of magic.

Cinderella: Do you believe in them [fairy Godmothers]? Cinderella’s mother: I believe in everything.

Narrator: Sorry can come to any kingdom, and so it came to Ella’s.

Ella’s mother: Have courage and be kind. You have more courage your little finger than most people possess in their whole body—and it has power.

Narrator: Time passed and pain turned to memory. In her heart, Ella stayed the same for she remembered the promise to her mother—have courage and be kind.

Cinderella to the cat: Jaclyn is my guest and the eating of guests is not allowed. [Then, to the mouse, Jaclyn, with a wink:] We girls must take care of each other.

Anastasia: We’ve a half-wit for a sister! Drisella: I’ve got two.

Upon hearing their stepfather was dead—Drisella: What about my lace? Anastasia: My parasol? Stepmother: Can’t you see? None of that matters. We’re ruined.

Cinderella to the man who told her of her father’s death: Thank you. Thank must’ve been very difficult for you.

Narrator: By and by they considered her less a stepsister than a servant. The work kept her distracted from her grief—at least that’s what they told her.

Narrator: “Cinder-Ella”—names have power, like magic spells.

Narrator: Perhaps it was just as well that Ella’s step sisters were cruel for had she never run to the forest, she would never have met the prince.

Cinderella to the prince, about the stag: I looked into his eyes, and he looked into mine…and I felt like he still had a great deal left to do with his life.

Cinderella about her stepfamily: They treat me as well as they are able.

Cinderella to the prince: Just because it’s what’s done, doesn’t mean it’s what should be done.

Prince: She wasn’t a pretty girl. She was a pretty girl, but there was so much more.

King to the doctor: Never mind! If it takes that long to work out how to say it, I don’t need to hear it.

King: Punctuality is the politeness of kings.

Cinderella: Wouldn’t you like to know what he is like before you marry him? Drisella: No! I might change my mind.

Old woman: What is a bowl of milk? Nothing, but with kindness, it is everything.

Fairy Godmother: I’m your hairy dog-father. I mean, you fairy godmother.

Fairy Godmother: I need something that says coach. …That trough? …No. That doesn’t say coach. I’m liking fruits and veg.

Goosie: I can’t drive. I’m a goose!

Cinderella about the shoes: They’re made of glass? Fairy Godmother: Yes, and they’re really comfortable!

Drisella: I’m Drisella. I’m clever. Anastasia: I’m Anastasia, and I’m beautiful. –The people will want to know!

Cinderella: They’re all looking at you. Prince: Believe me. They’re all looking at you.

Prince: Not THE prince. There are a lot of prince’s in the world. Just A prince.

Prince: I’m expected to marry for advantage. Cinderella: Whose advantage? … Surely you have a right to … your own heart.

Grand Duke: She went straight for him. You have to appreciate her efficiency.

Prince: It’s made of glass. Cinderella: And why not?

Cinderella: I have to leave. It’s hard to explain…lizards and pumpkins and things…

Cinderella: I hope you know, your Majesty, your son Kit is the most lovely person I ever met—so good and brave—and he loves you very much.

Rumors about Cinderella: She refused to leave and so the palace guard chased her away.

Prince: I believe we need not look outside of our borders for strength.

King: you must not marry for advantage, you must marry for love--the one they’re all talking about…the forgetful one…who loses her shoes.

Captain: Madame, there’s no other maiden in your house? … Well, has your cat learned to sing?

Stepmother to Cinderella: I forbid you to do this. Captain: And I forbid you to forbid her. Who are you? An empress? A saint? A duchess? Who are you to forbid and order an employee of the king?

Narrator: Would who she was really be enough? There was no magic to help her this time. This is perhaps the greatest risk any of us will ever take—to be seen as we truly are.

Cinderella: No princess, no carriage, no parents, no dowry. I don’t even know if that slipper will fit. Will you take me as I am—an honest country girl who loves you? Prince: Of course I will, but only if you’ll take me as I am—an apprentice who’s still learning his trade.

Cinderella: I forgive you.

Narrator: Ella continued to see the world as it could…if only you believe in courage and kindness…and a little bit of magic.



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