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Dolphin Tale 2 – Quotes

Stacey Tuttle on September 17, 2014 - 3:30 pm in Movie Quotes 2014

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Sawyer: Science doesn’t know whether dolphins feel emotions like we do, but their brains are as complex as ours are, so we treated [an injured dolphin] like one of us.

Hazel: Why do these things have to happen? I loved Panama. I’m going to miss her so much.

Hazel: If you could turn the clock back to whenever you want, to make everything the way it used to be, would you?

Clay: It’s hard to even coax her out to eat. Dr. Cameron McCarthy: Did you try bacon? … Works for me!

Reed: Rescue. Rehab. Release. Three words you built this place on. You didn’t build this place to keep animals, you built it to send them home. If Winter could go home…? Clay: In a heartbeat.

Clay: [I’m] thinking we should talk. Hazel: No. You’re thinking you should talk and I should listen.

Lorraine: Hospitals. No one’s here because they want to be. They’re here because they have to be, and they don’t stay one minute longer than they have to.

Lorraine to Hazel: you kids grow up so stinking fast you kind of take us by surprise.   Talk to him [your dad] the way you want to be talked to. Do something grown up. Take him to coffee.

Phillip: Of course you have a choice. Clay: I have an obligation! I can’t morally keep her in captivity.

Dr. Cameron McCarthy: The watch is…beautiful, but the trouble is it’s been in that box too long—it’s stopped working. Sometimes, you’ve got to shake it up again to get it moving. Too many opportunities out there, Sawyer, to spend your life in a box, no matter how nice that box is.

Lorraine: honey, sometimes in life we just have to make a decision.

Sawyer, about pairing Hope and Winter: I don’t want to look back on this knowing we didn’t even try.

Sawyer: We don’t know if dolphins feel emotions the way people do—fear, joy, sadness—but it feels like they do. They may even feel things like friendship, loneliness or loss, but I’d like to think that instinctively they understand that life has all of that in it. We just have to embrace it.


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