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Dunkirk – Quotes

Stacey Tuttle on July 22, 2017 - 7:30 pm in Movie Quotes 2017

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Trapped at Dunkirk. They await their fate. Hoping for deliverance. For a miracle.

Pilot: Dunkirk’s so far away. Why couldn’t they load at (another location)?
Other Pilot: The enemy had something to say about it.

Peter: You do know where we’re going?
George: France.
Mr. Dawson: WAR.
George: I’ll be useful, sir.

Shell-shocked soldier: I’m not going back. If we go there, we’ll die.

George: Is he a coward, Mr. Dawson?
Mr. Dawson: He’s shell-shocked, George. He’s not himself. He may never be himself again.

Soldiers in the water, to the leaving ships: Don’t leave us! Come back!

Shell-shocked soldier: You’re an old man!
Mr. Dawson: Men my age dictate this war. Why should we be allowed to send our children into it?
Shell-shocked soldier: You belong at home!
Mr. Dawson: If we don’t help, there won’t be any home.
Mr. Dawson: There’s no hiding from this, son.
Shell-shocked soldier: You don’t even have guns!
Mr. Dawson: Did you have a gun? ... Did it help you against the u-boats...?

George: Helping you and Mr. Dawson, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. It’s the only thing I’ve ever done.

Colonel: You can practically see it from here... Home.
Commander: Seeing home doesn’t help us get there, Colonel.

Peter: There was no parachute....
Mr. Dawson: He may be alive! We may be able to help him!

Colonel: What do you see?
Commander, seeing boats from home: Home!

Mr. Dawson: My son’s Royal Air Force. I knew he (the RAF pilot) would see us through.
Peter: He flew hurricanes. Died 3rd week in the war.

Someone to the pilot: Where the hell where were you?
Mr. Dawson: They know where you were. [Indicating the men the pilot saved.]

Old man: Well done, lads. Well done.
Soldier: All we did was survive.
Old man: That’s enough.

Soldier about the old man, not knowing he was blind: That old bloke didn’t even look us in the eye.

Commander: Come on private! I know we’re officers, but it’s us or the enemy.

Commander: 300,000, so far. I’m staying for the French.

Newspaper article: Wars are not won by evacuations, but there is a victory inside this evacuation which should be noted. ... We shall never surrender.


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