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Eat, Pray, Love Interview

Elizabeth Gilbert's New York Times bestseller, Eat, Pray, Love, will soon be appearing on the big screen. The book (and presumably the movie) explores the author's spiritual journey of discovery, along the way attempting to mesh together a variety of worldviews and religious traditions. An engaging writing style and obviously genuine desire to experience God make Eat, Pray, Love sure to resonate with millions, especially as a major motion picture staring Julia Roberts.

While some of the ideas in Eat, Pray, Love are admirable, the a la cart approach to Truth fails to give readers a grid through which to evaluate either the author's religious experiences or their own. More importantly, dangerous untruths are mixed in liberally with otherwise innocuous ideas, leading undiscerning readers to swallow them all unthinkingly.

Still, Eat, Pray, Love can provide many opportunities that Christians can seize to share the Gospel with their friends and family. The following conversation with Shepherd Project executive director Dr. Craig Smith explores many of the central ideas of Eat, Pray, Love in the hopes of equipping Christians to engage their culture with the good news of Jesus Christ.

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  • May 18, 2010

    SO helpful as this is our book club selection this month!! Thank you.

    Lea Ann Brookens
  • May 18, 2010

    I tried to pause halfway through but when clicked to start again, went back to the beginning. Help!! Also, there are alot of stops/starts in the commentary. But I’d reallly like to hear rest of video without starting at beginning again!

    Lea Ann Brookens
  • May 19, 2010

    Lea Ann,

    So sorry the video is giving you problems. We’ve been reviewing it and can’t seem to duplicate the problems (it doesn’t jump for us and pausing it doesn’t start it over). Could you tell us a couple of details like what kind of browser your’e using (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) and maybe whether or not you’ve got a current version of Flash? We’d like to duplicate the problem here on our end so we can work to make it smooth for everyone.

  • July 9, 2010

    This blog really keeps on getting better every day. You should seriously be proud.

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