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Frozen – Quotes

Stacey Tuttle on December 5, 2013 - 12:05 am in Movie Quotes 2013
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Elsa:  Go back to sleep.
Anna:  I can’t!  The sun’s awake, so I’m awake and I have to play!

Troll:  You are lucky it wasn’t he heart.  The heart can be tough to change.  But…the mind can be tough to persuade.

Troll:  Fear will be your enemy.

Duke of Weselton:  Like a chicken with the face of a monkey!

Hans:  I have twelve brothers, and three of them literally pretended I was invisible for two years.

Hans:  Can I say something crazy?  Will you marry me?
Anna:  Can I say something crazy?  Yes!

Anna:  I’m completely ordinary.
Hans:  That’s right – she is.  I mean that in the best way possible.

Elsa:  Be the good girl you always have to be. … Don’t let ‘em see.

Anna:  It’s me, Anna.  The one who didn’t mean to make you freeze the summer.

Olaf:  Hi!  I’m Olaf and I like warm hugs!

Olaf:  Yellow in snow?  No go.

Olaf:  Who’s the funky burro?
Anna:  Sven.
Olaf:  And who’s the reindeer?
Anna:  Sven.
Olaf:  Oh, well that makes it easy to remember.

Olaf:  The hot and the cold are both so intense!  Put ‘em together – it just makes sense.

Kristoff:  I’m gonna tell him.
Anna:  Don’t you dare!
Kristoff:  Somebody’s gotta tell him.

Kristoff:  That’s your plan?  My ice business depends on you talking to your sister?

Olaf:  Oh, look at that—I’ve been impaled.

Kristoff (seeing the ice palace):  I might cry.
Anna:  Go ahead.  I won’t judge.

Olaf:  Knock.  Why isn’t she knocking?  You think she knows how?

Olaf:  Watch out for my butt!

Kristoff:  Calm down, feisty-pants.

Olaf:  I can’t feel my legs!  I can’t feel my legs!!!
Kristoff:  Those are my legs.

Olaf:  Do me a favor – grab my butt!

Anna: Does [my hair] look bad?
Kristoff:  No.
Olaf:  You hesitated.

Anna:  Are you alright?
Kristoff:  Yeah.  I’ve got a thick skull.
Olaf:  I don’t have a skull.  Or bones.

Olaf:  So this is heat!  Oh, but don’t touch it! (as his hand caught on fire)

Olaf:  Some people are worth melting for.

Anna:  I was wrong about it.  It wasn’t true love after all.  I don’t even know what true love is.
Olaf:  I do.  That’s when you put someone else’s needs before your own.  You know, like when Kristoff brought you back here and left you forever.

Olaf (seeing Kristoff return):  Oh, well I guess he didn’t love you enough to leave you forever after all!

Olaf:  There’s your act of true love—riding across the fjords like a valiant, pungent, reindeer king.


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  • January 5, 2014

    You are an amazing author! Thank you for sharing the wonderful story with the world. Frozen is one of my favorite stories, especially the fact that the true love was between the two sisters. It is so original. This movie has inspired me. Thank you so much!