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When the Game Stands Tall – Quotes

Stacey Tuttle on August 29, 2014 - 5:15 pm in Movie Quotes 2014

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New England Patriots, 23 consecutive wins.  Oklahoma Sooners, 47 consecutive wins.  One high school team, 151 consecutive wins.  12 consecutive championships. 

Coach Bob:  Winnings games is do-able.  Teaching kids about life is the challenge. 

Coach Bob:  The streak was never our goal. 

Coach Bob:  Love means you can count on me, in good times and bad.

Coach Bob:  We’re not asking you to be perfect on every play.  What we’re asking you is to give a perfect effort on every play from snap to whistle.

Assistant Coach:  None of the juniors share the emotions, just the seniors. 

Coach Bob:  You want to penalize us for winning football?

Commissioner:  Nobody wins 150 games straight without cheating.

Coach Bob:  Luke 6:38 “Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”  What does that really mean? 

Coach Bob:  Family isn’t just blood relatives, it’s anyone who loves you unconditionally.

Cam:  I’m trying.  I’m making my perfect effort.  Why isn’t it enough?  What if Tayshon’s right/  What if God doesn’t see me?   

Coach Bob:  It’s a lie.  I taught character, honest commitment to each other….  I’ve been more committed to the team than to my family.

T.K.:  You lost a lot of folks, Cam, but you didn’t lose everybody.

T.K.:  What you’re holding man, that just ain’t a jersey, it’s an answer to prayer. 

Danny:  The whole time I needed a father, I got a coach.  And now I need a coach, I got a lame dad. 

Coach Bob:  It’s as if life has taken more than it gives, and I am lost. 

Coach Bob:  We ask our kids to embrace certain ideals, perfection, commitment, brotherhood, compassion, faith. 

Assistant Coach (?):  Some people don’t know who they are, all that they have.  They just know, something’s missing in life. 

Assistant Coach, incredulously:  We’re gonna lose.

Coach Bob:  Every time you’ll answer the same thing:  Bellevue played better than us and we lost.  That’s football.  Don’t let it define who you are.  I truly believe the best things in life happen when we lose something or something challenging happens. 

Tayshon:  Is that pee? 
Rehabilitation Patient:  Well, it sure ain’t no Gatorade!

Assistant Coach:  You guys are still carrying around the stigma of losing the streak.  Forget that.  Forget that. 

Player:  Everything we’ve been through since Coach Bob’s heart attack has been for a reason.

Arturo:  I’ve been on this team four years and never played in a varsity game, but that’s OK, because the best moments in my life have been ones on this team.  I’m proud of being a Spartan!

Beaser:  [Every night I said] ‘Buster Matthew, you are mine,’ one hundred times.  I promise you, if we lose, it will not be because of Buster Matthews.

Chris Ryan:  I used to play as hard as I could, because I thought that would make him happy and then I’d be happy…  But come tomorrow, I don’t play for him, I play for you. 

Coach Bob:  Nice run, but Chris, dive into the end zone one more time and I bench you.  We are not a celebrating team.

Rival Team Coach:  It’s no longer about who the bigger, faster, stronger players are.  It’s about who plays with more heart.

Coach Bob:  It ain’t about the football, ain’t about scoring the touch downs, it’s about moving you in a direction that will help you … when you go out into the community. 

Mickey Ryan:  Do you realize what winning this record will mean for your life?  People will look at you differently.  They’ll respect you…
Chris Ryan:  You’re a salesman, Dad.  You sell cars; don’t sell me.  I’m just another one of your trophies. 

Assistant Coach:  Why didn’t you tackle him?  You can hit someone; it is allowed, encouraged even!  

Chris Ryan:  I don’t want my last play as a Spartan to be about me.

Player:  All the while we’ve been out here looking at the dirt, it’s about time we looked up. 

It’s not about football.

Mickey Ryan:  Your husband’s costing my son his record. 
Bev Ladouceur:  My husband’s turning your son into a man, and you’re the only one who doesn’t see it. 

Young fan:  Why didn’t Chris get his record?
Cam:  Because it’s not about the record, it’s about the team.

Archive Video of Real Coach Bob:  Growing up is painful.  It’s not easy.  But that’s what our program is about.  It’s not about the football…but [football] will assist you… so you grow up.



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