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Stacey Tuttle on April 19, 2017 - 6:00 pm in Movie Quotes 2017
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Frank: You look beautiful!
Mary: I look like a Disney character.

Frank: We’ve discussed this ad nauseam.
Mary: What’s ad nauseam?
Frank: Ah…something you don’t know? Looks like you should go to school.

Frank: She needs to learn to be a kid… last night she told me that if the euro crashes, there will be a world-wide depression—I was left staring at the ceiling for 3 hours.

Frank (about Mary’s mom): She’d want you to have friends.
Mary: Idiot friends?
Frank: And she’d want you to have compassion on others.
Mary: And what if they don’t like me?
Frank: Then they’re idiots.

Frank: A 12 year old did something to a 7 year old and she stood up to him—and I’m proud of her!

Principal: We’ll never be able to raise that child to the level of scholarship she deserves.
Frank: Well, just dumb her down to a decent human being and everyone wins.

Frank: If we keep separating our leaders from [the rest], we get politicians.

I’m supposed ot say something… [I’m sorry. Hitting is wrong.]… Now, can I say something want to say?! Justin’s project was the best!!! It was awesome!!!

Evelyn: Never get on the bad side of small minded people who have a little power.

Evelyn: She’s not normal and treating her as such is negligence on a grand scale!

Mary: What about Jesus?
Frank: I love that guy! Do what he says!
Mary: Is he God?

Frank, after Mary asks if he meant it that he wished he had a life: Last month you said I was the worst uncle in the world and you wished death upon me because didn’t get you a piano. Did you mean it?
Mary: No. Not entirely.

Mary: Frank says I’m not supposed to correct older people. Nobody likes a smart a**.

Mary about Frank: He’s a good person… He wanted me before I was smart.

Frank, in the waiting room watching a father announce his son’s birth: That’s exactly how it was when you were born.
Mary: This happy?
Frank: This happy. Mary: Who came out and told everyone?
Frank: I did.
Mary: Can we stay for another?

Mary: Why did you leave me?
Frank: Because I thought I was bad for you. And then I though, if Mary is this sweet and amazing… person, then I must be doing something right.

Frank (?): I realize she is not normal, but if Einstein can ride a bike, then so can she.

Mary: You drive like an old lady.
Frank: It’s Florida. I’m just trying to blend in.

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