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Goodbye Christopher Robin – Quotes

Mike on January 18, 2018 - 12:24 pm in Uncategorized
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Daphne:  You know if you don’t think about a thing, it ceases to exist.

Daphne:  Life is full of frightful things.  The great thing is to find something good to think about and stick to that.

Blue:  I have the distinct suspicion that midwives are a bit like anglers, prone to exaggerate the size of the catch.

Daphne:  He’s a boy.  He’ll grow up and he’ll put on a uniform and he’ll go off and leave me and I’ll be waiting like I was with you.

Daphne:  I bought all these delicious dresses and it seems a pity to waste them, don’t you think?

Blue:  What did we fight that war for? … Nothing changed.  If nothing changes then the same thing will happen all over again.

Blue:  What am I doing to make a difference?

Blue:  I’m sick of making people laugh.  I want to make them see.

Christopher Robin:  Bees are good, aren’t they?  Even if they sting at times…they just want to make honey.

Blue:  The country is wounded, Daphne.  It lost men, yes, but it’s lost more than that.

Daphne:  Do you know that writing a book against war is like writing a book against Wednesdays?  They are a fact of life.

Editor (?):  The thing about war, who wants to read about it?
Blue:  I should think everyone.

Christopher Robin:  You ought not to hold your fork and knife like that… because if someone were to fall through the ceiling they would fall just there and be impaled and bleed out all over your eggs.

Christopher Robin:  I would definitely like it if you would right a book for me.  I would definitely read it.

Christopher Robin:  Tigger is better than Tiger.  It’s more…tiggerish.

Christopher Robin:  Is it about what tiggers eat?
Blue:  Why should it be about that?
Christopher Robin:  It just seemed like a very interesting thing.

Blue:  We’re writing a book and we’re having fun.
Christopher Robin:  Didn’t know you could do both.  Usually you don’t look like you’re having fun while you’re writing.

Christopher Robin:  If I’m in a book, people might think I’m not real.

Christopher Robin:  Why does everyone like Winnie the Poor so much?  He’s my bear.  Why don’t they get their own bears?
Olive:  After the war there was so much sadness.  Then Winnie the Pooh came along and it was like a tap—they just turned it on and happiness came out.

Olive:  A person should do things a person loves with the person  a person loves because they never know what happens next.

Olive:  You’ve been toting him around like a show pony, hawking your books.

Daphne:  I gave birth to him!
Olive:  With respect man, a cow can give birth.

Christopher Robin:  Could we got for ice cream now?  I usually go for ice cream after a photograph.

Christopher Robin:  Does this mean Winnie the Pooh will be just us again?
Blue:  Winnie the Pooh is out in the world now; I can’t take him out again.

Christopher Robin:  You’re one of the best loved men in the country.  I helped you become that.  Now you can help me.

Christopher Robin:  When I was Billie Moon, we played in the woods.  Then you wrote the book and it all stopped, as if I was all research.

Christopher Robin:  Those days, just the two of us, were the happiest I’ve ever known.
Blue:  You asked me to write a book.
Christopher Robin:  A book for me, not about me.  …  And then you sold them.

Daphne:  No Blue, not yet.  Until you open it, it hasn’t happened.

Christopher Robin:  I never wanted fame or a brass band on my birthday.
Blue:  What did you want?
Christopher Robin:  I wanted you.

Christopher Robin:  When we were under fire, one of the men started to sing one of the songs of Pooh— He’d changed the words a bit.  When they were singing, they were all remembering home and a hearth…  You reminded them what [was good in the world].

Your own childhood was wonderful.  It was growing up that was hard.

Christopher Robin never took any money from the stories.

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