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Heaven is for Real – Movie Quotes

Stacey Tuttle on April 18, 2014 - 12:45 pm in Movie Quotes 2014

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Todd:  Is heaven a hope or as real as the western sky? 

Colton:  It’s a house full of women and Cathy thinks she’s one, too.

Todd:  A mentor in the ministry once told me, ‘We’ll have good days and we’ll have bad days, but we’ll seldom know which is which.’

Colton, on the family road trip as they finish singing This Little Light of Mine:  Can we sing We Will Rock You?

Todd yelling at God:  You made me suffer and I took that.  You made my family suffer and I took that.  Now you want to take my SON??  

Colton as he wakes from surgery:  Dad, I want to hold that spider [Rosie the Tarantula].

Colton:  We don’t ever have to be scared. 
Todd:  Is that why you wanted to come back here [to hold the tarantula]?
Colton:  It’s important.

Colton:    That’s when the angles sang to me.  Mom was in the waiting room on the phone and you were in the other room yelling at God.

Family member:  He [Colton] says God has a horse.

Todd:  So, your daddy’s a preacher, but he didn’t know God had a horse.

Colton:  I was alone, but I wasn’t scared.

Colton:  I saw something wonderful.

Colton:  I saw angels and they were singing to me.

Dr. Slater:  At the point near death our brains release hormones that are pleasurable. … Our brains fill in the blanks…  Christians see Jesus, Jews see Moses… 

Dr. Slater:  I don’t mean to discount whatever magic you derive from all this. 

Dr. Slater:  Did you come here today because you were wondering about my faith, or about your own?

Todd:  We ask these kids to believe this stuff … and I don’t know if I believe it myself.

Church member:  I got questions.  We ALL do, Todd.

If he didn’t die, how did he see heaven?
I don’t know.

He [Jesus] has markers?
Colton:  Yeah.  Right here and right here and right here and right here.  [He points to the places where he was pierced and nailed to the cross.]

Nancy:  I love Todd, but I love our church too, and I really can’t stand to see it turned into some kind of circus.

Classmate:  Hey Cassie!  Did your brother really sit on Jesus’ lap?

Colton to Todd:  You want to talk?  Great.  I love our talks.  You want to talk about heaven?  What would you like to know?

Todd:  I don’t want to become the worst of things— a preacher who doesn’t believe what he’s preaching.

Todd:  I don’t like how it wants to make our church a magnet for [people without a brain].  …Heaven and hell have been used to manipulate people. 

Todd:  You’ve done everything for this church and I appreciate that, but it’s not theirs and it’s not yours and it’s not mine.  It’s GODS.  And if I’m to lead this church, I have to go wherever he’s leading.

Sonja:  Don’t you think that we need to be talking about this life and not the next one?  Making sure that our kids are fine and normal?

Colton:  Nobody wears glasses in heaven.

Colton:  That’s him.  That’s Pop.  Everybody’s young in Heaven.

Todd:  Why does this have to be a myth?  Why?

Sonja:  Why can’t this just be a mystery?

Todd:  I failed you, Nancy.  Worst day of your life, and I had nothing.  No peace.  No hope.  No comfort… 
Nancy:  [I’m glad you didn’t take the pain away.]  For a while, pain was all I had.  You didn’t have to take it away.  You don’t have to save the world, Todd.  I believe that’s already been done.

Nancy:  [I’m mad at God.]  Why God would give you your son back and take mine away… 
Todd:  Do you love your son?
Nancy:  Yes.
Todd:  Do you think I love mine? 
Nancy:  Yes.
Todd:  Do you think I love mine more than you love yours? 
Nancy:  No.
Todd:  Nancy, do you think God loves my son more than He loves yours? 
Nancy:  No.

Colton:  She told me she died in your tummy.

Todd:  I stand here today with wounds that are still healing, doubts that are still echoing.  Was Colton in Heaven?  Yes.  He was in the Heaven that God showed Him.  Is Heaven for real?  Because if it is, wouldn’t we live different lives? 

Todd:  The one thing His love requires is that I let others know that they’re not alone. 


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