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Hidden Figures – Quotes

Stacey Tuttle on February 20, 2017 - 3:30 pm in Movie Quotes 2017
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Mary: 3 Black women are chasing a white police officer down a Highway in Hampton, Virginia in 1961. Ladies, that is a God-ordained miracle!

We can’t justify a space program that doesn’t put anything in space.

Mrs. Mitchell: That’s NASA for you—fast with rockets, slow with advancement.

Mary: I’m a Negro woman. I’m not going to entertain the impossible.
Karl Zelinski: Mary, I’m a polish Jew whose parents died in the concentration camp. And now I’m [in the space program]. We are living the impossible.

Mr. Harris: Because it’s never been done before, everything we do between now and then is going to matter. It’s going to matter to them and to their wives and to the whole d*** country.

Katherine: Can I ask you where the restroom is? I have no idea where your restroom is.

Mr. Harris: I’m asking you to look beyond this numbers. Look at what math that doesn’t even exist.

Mr. Harris: I don’t need another smart girl with an adding machine.

Dorothy: Don’t get me wrong, any upward movement is movement for us all.

Mary: You better settle down, Levi Jackson, in less you want this female’s mind right there in front of everyone.
Levi: Civil rights ain’t never civil.

Katherine: Yes, they let women do some stuff at NASA and it’s not because we wear skirts. It’s because we wear glasses.

Mary, about her ogling the white astronauts: It’s equal rights. I have a right to see fine in every shade of color.

Mr. Harris: Are you a spy? Are you a Russian spy?
Katherine: No sir. I’m not Russian.
Mr. Harris: She’s not Russian.

Mary: Every time we have a chance to get ahead, they move the finish line.

Dorothy: Separate and equal are two different things.

Dorothy: You act right, you are right. That’s for certain.

Dorothy’s Son: You took that book?
Dorothy: Son, I pay taxes and taxes pay for everything in that library. You can’t take something you already paid for!

Colonel Jim Johnson: I believe I owe you an apology.
Katherine: Well, is that it?
Jim: I’m sorry.
Katherine: For what, Jim?
Jim: For underestimating you and every woman like you, though I can’t imagine there are very many.
Katherine: That’s good practice!

Mr. Harris: How the h*** do we find ourselves in second place in a two-man race?!

Mr. Harris: They’re out working us – because I refused to believe they’re just smarter.

Mr. Harris: No more colored restrooms. From now on, go wherever you please. Preferably closer to your desk. At NASA, we all pee the same color.

Mary: You, of all people, should understand the importance of being first. First in your family to … First to… First to… I plan on being an engineer at NASA, but I can’t do that without taking them classes at that all-white high school, and I can’t change the color of my skin. So I have no choice but to be the first, which I can’t do without you, sir. Your honor, out of all the cases you’re going to hear today, which one will matter a hundred years from now? Which one is gonna make you the first?

Paul: Computers don’t author reports.

Mr. Harris: Discovery is never just for the sake of discovery, but for the sake of survival. … Whoever gets there first make the rules. … Who do you want to get there first?

Paul: There’s no protocol for women attending…
Katherine: There’s no protocol for a man circling the earth either.

Mr. Harris: Who makes the rules?
Katherine: You sir. You are the boss. You just have to act like one. Sir.

Mr. Harris: You know what your job is, Paul? Find the genius among the geniuses. … Pull us all up.

Mrs. Mitchell: Dorothy, despite what you might think, I have nothing against y’all.
Dorothy: I know. I know you believe that.

Mr. Harris: Truth is, we no longer need a computer in this group. Progress is a double-edged sword.

John Glenn: Get the girl to run the numbers… The smart one… She says they’re good; I’m good to go.

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