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Hotel Transylvania – Quotes

Stacey Tuttle on October 21, 2015 - 1:56 pm in Movie Reviews 2015

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Mavis: I’m hungry honey, can you get me some ice cream and anchovies?

Mummy: Look what I got… BLING! Is it cursed?
Mummy: Super cursed! Only the best!

My first guillotine: very educational! We’ll need to baby-proof that first.

Jonathan: I wanted to go through some suggestions as your new human relations social coordinator.

Jonathan: Maybe you should just get blue tooth.
Drac: Ok. Blue Tooth, come over here. What’s next?

TV: A real monster always shares.
Drac: Yes, shares… when I think of monsters, I think shares.

Drac’s song: Suffer, suffer, scream and pain. You will never breathe again.

Drac: All he needs is time with his vampa.
Frank: Vampa?
Drac: Vampire-Grandpa—it’s kind of obvious.

Mavis: You remember how to video chat?
Drac: Yes, yes. With the buttons and the agony…

Wayne: We don’t need to kill anymore. We have pop-tarts!

Maybe you let humans into your hotel, Dad, but I don’t think you’ve let them into your heart.

What do you expect? You got it online.

You look like you’ve got a baboon’s but on your head.

Vlad: So you run a hotel now? From Prince of Darkness to King of Room Service.

Mother in law: Dennis just wants to be normal.
Mavis: Can we stop using the world “normal”?

If you didn’t stop me, my baby wouldn’t have to be a wimp all his life.

Drac: We don’t hate humans anymore and they don’t hate us.

Monsters don’t associate with humans.


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