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I Can Only Imagine – Quotes

Stacey Tuttle on April 11, 2018 - 7:45 pm in Movie Quotes 2018

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Interviewer: Who could write this? What did they have to go through to give this gift to me? This is hope. Pure hope. ... Bart, you didn’t write this [song] in 10 minutes. It took a life time.

Arthur: I’m gonna teach you something, Bart. Dreams don’t pay the bills. Nothing good comes from them. All they do is keep you from all of this—from knowing what’s real.

Bart: Nobody blames her for leaving Dad. I would’ve left, too.

Bart: I found some guys that I just held on to...they got me through.

Bart: When I was 10, life was tough... real tough.

Brickell: Son, the sheer volumes of words that come out of your moth is exhausting.

Bart: That’s not the kind of music we sing.
Brickell: Trust me, kid—you don’t know what kind of music you sing.

Arthur: It’s the truth you’re mad at, not me.

Bart: They hated it. They hated all of it. They hated us.

Brickell: Let me ask you something: What are you running from? ... Stop running from it. Let that pain become your inspiration and then people will [have something they can relate to].

Arthur: [I’ve been] reading the Bible. All of it. A couple times, actually. it’s pretty confusing, like Leviticus—what is that?!

Arthur: I want to make things right with you and me and I don’t know how to do it.

Arthur: If God can forgive everybody else, why can’t He forgive me?
Bart: God can forgive you. I can’t.

Bart: You gotta give up on that dream, Dad, because it keeps you from this, from knowing what’s real.

Arthur: You sang and I listened to every word, and then I listened o what they said after... that’s how I got saved.

My Dad was a monster... and I saw God transform him into someone I ... wanted to be. And I didn’t realize it soon enough.

I Can Only Imagine became the #1 song in Christian and country charts. The #1 most requested song in America.

It went triple platinum.

The week Bart received his last check from his father’s insurance, Imagine went #1 in America.

MercyMe has had twenty-one #1 hit songs.

I Can Only Imagine is the #1 Christian song of all times.


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