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If I Stay – Quotes

Stacey Tuttle on September 5, 2014 - 3:05 pm in Movie Quotes 2014

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At the age of twenty-six, Ludwig Van Beethoven went deaf…and became a composer.  Turns out the new gig suited him.

Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans.

[When their son wants coffee] Dad:  No way, Dude!  Don’t give crack to somebody that’s already on speed!

Mia:  Ever met somebody and they’re just already the person they’re supposed to be?  … That was Adam. …  Me, not so much.

Adam:  You’re Mia.
Mia:  Yeah.
Adam:  Ok well, I’m glad to clear that up.  There were rumors.

Adam:  You can’t hide in that rehearsal room.  It’s too late.  I see you.

Dad:  Honey, guilt and bribery are the glue that have held parents and teenagers together for generations.

Mia:  I’ve always wondered if mom and dad were disappointed I didn’t turn out more like them.

Mia:  Isn’t it amazing how life is one thing, and then in an instant it can be something else?

Adam:  Your parents seem pretty cool.
Mia:  So they tell me.

Mia:  I as certainly bred to be a rocker, but I have this theory I was switched at birth.
Adam:  Ok, well that explains it.

Mom:  What?  She shouldn’t be scared to hang out with those guys.  They’re us!
Dad:  Exactly!

Nurse:  Here’s the secret, baby—if you life, if you die, it’s all up to you.

Nurse:  You gotta pull out whatever fight you have.

Adam:  I don’t give a s*** about your clothes, don’t you get it?  The same you you are tonight is the same you you were yesterday…and I’m in love with all of it!

Mia:  Being with Adam was like learning to fly.  It was exciting and scary at the same time.

Dad:  Sometimes you make choices in life and sometimes choices make you.

Mia:  If I stay, if I go, the power’s up to me, and that scares me to death.

Adam:  I’m not good at writing about things that make me happy. 

Nurse:  Alright sweetheart, we can only carry you so far. After that, it’ sup to you. 

Mia:  You’re supposed to break up with someone because you’re not in love with them, not because you’re completely in love with them.

Mom:  Life is this big, fat, gigantic, stinking mess…but that’s the beauty of it.  Either way I support you.   Either way you win.  But either way you also lose. 

Mom:  It’s inconvenient to fall in love at your age, especially if it’s the real deal.     

Dad:  You make sacrifices for your kids.

Grandpa:  Sacrifice, that’s what we do for the people we love… and here’s mine:  I want you to live, but with everyone else gone, it might not be what you want.  It might be too hard.  … I want you to know it’s OK.  I understand.

Mia:  I always thought of the cello as a solo instrument… [but] The cello isn’t a solo instrument, it’s part of something greater.

Mia:  Mom and dad always had their scene and Adam had his, but I never had mine until that night at the bonfire.

Adam:  I totally broke and entered and kinda stole your mail, so the feds may kinda be after me. 

Adam:  You’re my home, Mia.  I don’t’ care where we are, just so long as we’re together.



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