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Jersey Boys – Quotes

Stacey Tuttle on June 27, 2014 - 1:34 pm in Movie Quotes 2014

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Gyp DeCarlo:  What’s a little blood between friends? 

Tommy:  There were 3 ways to leave the neighborhood: you join the army, maybe you get killed…; you join the mob, maybe you get killed that way; you get famous.  For us, it was 2 out of 3. 

Frankie:  They seemed to like it.
Band mate:  Oh yeah, what do we got?  An audience expert?

Band mate on women:  There are two types of women.  Type A—they’re easy…and then they break your balls.  Type B—you wine ‘em and dine ‘em and then they break your balls.

Judge reads Tommy’s extensive rap sheet and says:  That’s quite a resume.
Tommy:  Thank you, your honor!

Tipsy nun to cop about trespassers:  There.  I told you it wasn’t no vision.

Frankie:  If you take him you gotta take me too. 
Cop:  Aren’t you supposed to be home by 11:00?

Frankie:  Look at that big guy over there hitting on my girl. 
Band mate:  That’s not your girl.
Frankie:  She will be as soon as she meets me.

Mary:  This is a nice place!
Frankie:  Yeah, they don’t sell it by the slice.  That’s how you know.

Mary:  “Y” is a bull s*** letter.  Is it a vowel?  Is it a continent? 

Mary:  You got a nickel?  Call your mom.  You’re gonna be home late.

Tommy:  Marriage is, you take shave while the wife sits on the can and clips her toenails. 

Gyp DeCarlo:  Let me explain something to you.  You shoot someone, you gotta shoot all the witnesses too.

Gyp DeCarlo:  Frankie is my friend.  You don’t touch him. You see him, you cross the street.  BUT, if he falls, you better be there to catch him.

Tommy:  No way.  He wants to be an equal partner.  There’s a million guys out there.
Nick:  Where?  There’s a million guys—where are they?

Music manager:  The four lovers is a colored group.  …  Not bad.  Come back when you’re black.

Bobby:  I remember thinking something was a little “off” about this guy.  It was 1959.  People thought Liberace was just…theatrical.

Art seller, talking about modern artist:  He has such—freedom. 
Tommy:  They should take it away, his freedom.

Nick:  How old are you? 
Twins:  Together or separately?

Bowling Alley Guy:  Four lovers?  You look like the Four Felons.

Frankie, when the Four Season sign lit up beside them:  It’s a SIGN Tommy! 

Bob Crewe:  I like your name.  So did Vivaldi.
Tommy:  Someone took our name? 
Bob Crewe:  Don’t worry; he’s already dead.

Tommy, commenting on a woman in a movie they are all watching:  I betchya she cries.
Bob Crewe:  No. Big girls don’t cry.

Bob  Crewe:  Hey, hey, Mr. Congeniality, it’s a metaphor for every boy who’s ever been twisted around a little girl’s finger.  And if I have to explain that to you, we’re in trouble.

Bobby:  Well, you are always right, Crewe. 
Bob Crewe:  Well, there is that.

Frankie:  If things work out, can we add a sax?
Band mate:  If things work out, we can add a whole horn section.

Woman: They’re like a pair of…what do you call ‘em?  Chinese twins. 
Bobby:  Baby, try not to say anything for the rest of the day, OK?

Frankie:  Everybody’s got a girlfriend.
Woman:  So why marry?
Frankie:  Family’s everything.

Frankie’s daughter:  Daddy, do you love me?  …  But do you like me?

Nick:  Tommy will tell you the trouble started that day at the Ed Sullivan show with the $150,000.  But that was Tom.  He was always working so far down the road he couldn’t see what was going on around him.  Truth is, trouble started a long time ago. 

You’d think after everything that went down, Frankie would have cut Tommy out by now.  But if you think that, you’re not from Jersey. 

Nick:  The man is a personal nightmare.

Nick:  THIS is what I’m dealing with.  The man is not properly social.
Gyp DeCarlo:  OK Nick, thank you for sharing that. 

Gyp DeCarlo to Tommy:  You, hey, stay out of my bathroom.

Nick:  All due respect, Mr. DeCarlo, you sell 100 million records and see how you handle it. 

Frankie:  How do you do that?
Bobby:  What?
Frankie:  Get me to agree with stuff. 
Bobby:  It’s a gift.

Mary:  She doesn’t need an entertainer. She needs a father!
Frankie:  How about a mother?!

Francine:  It’s 2 lousy days, Daddy.  You disappear for months at a time.

Frankie to his daughter:  You got my chops, your mother’s beauty...  You could have anything you want.

Bobby:  He did everything he did to destroy the group.
Frankie:  He can’t help himself.
Bobby:  Oh my gosh, St. Francis, right?  Kind to animals.  You are never gonna leave the neighborhood.

Frankie’s girlfriend:  Family and work and what’s left? … I’m sorry sweetheart.  I gotta get off the merry-go-round.  It’s no fun any more.

Bobby, about Frankie’s daughter’s death:  Don’t blame yourself.
Frankie:  Really?  Who then? 

Reporter:  Why’d you do it, Nicky?  Why’d you walk away? 
Nick:  It wasn’t the bad deal…it just came outta my mouth, and it sounded pretty good.  I just wanted to go home. 

Tommy:  I remember myself as a stand-up guy. 
Bandmate (Bobby or Nick?) interjects:  You were a total prick.
Tommy:  Everyone remembers it the way they want to. 

Nick:  If there are four guys, and you’re Ringo…better I should spend some time with my kids.



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  • January 10, 2017

    If you’re gunna make a list of quotes from the movie, at least get the people saying the quotes right. More than one of them are wrong.

    • January 27, 2017

      My sincere apologies. I do the best I can in one viewing, in the theater, taking notes in the dark! Please feel free to let me know what I need to change!

      Stacey Tuttle