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Kong: Skull Island – Quotes

Stacey Tuttle on March 27, 2017 - 2:00 pm in Movie Quotes 2017
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Bill Randa: Mark my words: there will never be a more screwed up time in Washington.

Bill: Skull Island, the land where God did not finish creation.

Bill: This island, a place where myth and science meet.

Bill: Men go to war in search of something, Mr. Conrad. If you’d found it, you’d be home by now.

Mason: You’re not actually going to blame those of us without a gun for losing the war? Preston Packard: Camera is way more dangerous than a gun. And besides, we didn’t lose the war, we abandoned it.

Soldier: Dear Billy, you ever look at a hurricane at through, I should fly straight through it? Because that’s what’s about to happen.

Chapman: That a monkey?

Mills: You really have an appetite right now?
Cole: Eatin’s for the livin’.
Mills: We just got taken out by a monkey the size of a building!
Cole: I admit, that was an unconventional encounter.

Bill: Monsters exist. Packard: No s***.
Bill: Nobody believed me. Yesterday I was a crackpot.

Hank: You don’t go into someone’s home and drop bombs unless you’re picking a fight.

Hank: I call them Skull Crawlers.
Conrad: Why?
Hank: It sounded cool. I never said that name out loud before, it sounds stupid now that I think about it. You just call them whatever you want.

Packard: Would you look at that? It bleeds!

Cole: Sometimes an enemy doesn’t exist till you go looking for one.

Chapman: Dear Billy, sometimes life just punches you in the balls.

Conrad: Isn’t it odd, the most dangerous places are always the most beautiful.

Conrad: I suppose no man comes home from war, not really.

Packard: I will not cut and run. I know an enemy when I see one.

Hank: You take away the uniforms and the war, and this man became my brother.

Hank to the natives: If you’re ever in Chicago, look me up I guess.

Hank: We have an old saying here: East is best; West is worst. Which is why we say it!

Hank: Good group of boys. We are all going to die together! Good group of boys to die with.

Hank: I’ve only been here 28 years, what do I know?

Hank: You can’t kill Kong, colonel. Kong is god on this island.

Packard: Your lies got my men killed.
Bill: And you’re going to get us all killed.

Hank: Ants. Big ones. There’s one! Sounds like a bird, but its’ a… ant.

Packard: [I’m going to] show Kong that man is king.

Packard: We are soldiers. We do the dirty work so [others] don’t have to be afraid.

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