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Lego Ninjago – Quotes

Mike on January 18, 2018 - 12:27 pm in Uncategorized
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Mr. Liu:  Why don’t you play outside with your friends?
Boy:  Sometimes they make fun of me.

Mr. Liu:  He looks like a brave fighter.
Boy:  No, he’s just a kid.  He can’t do anything.
Mr. Liu:  He may look like a kid, but he can do great things.  You just have to look at it from a different point of view.

Lloyd:  It’s your son, Lloyd Garmadon.
Garmadon:  No.  My son’s tally bald and has no teeth.
Lloyd:  I’m not a baby anymore. … Is there maybe another reason why you called me?
Garmadon:  No.  My butt dialed you.  Well – gotta go.  Glad your teeth came in.

Lloyd:  Why do you want to conquer Ninjago so badly?
Garmadon:  Because there’s something very special here… a guitar….
Lloyd:  Are you sure there’s no other special connection in this city?  Any other someone?

Garmadon:  You’ve got a lot of issues, green ninja. I hope you get a chance to work them all out before I come back.

Nya:  It’s Okay, Lloyd. Nobody’s parents are perfect.
Jay:  I mean, my mom is weird and collects seashells.  Your dad levels cities and kills innocent people.  They all have their quirks.

Wu:  Your elemental power is green.
Lloyd:  Fire, ice, water, earth, lighting and … green.

Garmadon:  L-loyd?
Lloyd:  That’s right, it’s me.  And it’s Lloyd.
Garmadon:  No—L-loyd.  I was there.  I named you.

Lloyd:  I wish you weren’t my father.
Garmadon:  Is it just me or was that a weird thing to say?

Tune:  You conquered the green ninjago.  He turned out to be your son, though.

Garmadon:  Omelet omelet weapon.
Scientist:  Sir, he’s talking about the ultimate, ultimate weapon.
Garmadon:  That’s why I said, ultimate omelet weapon.

Ninjagos:  You’re alive!
Wu:  Duh!  I’m a ninja master.  If I die it will be to teach you a lesson.

Garmadon:  1!  2!  3!  …  I thought that was supposed to work with kids?!

Garmadon:  Throw like no one’s watching, except your judging father.

Garmadon:  Something’s happening to my face.  It’s turning upward…
Lloyd:  It’s called smiling!

Lloyd:  On a scale of 1-10, how bad is it?
Garmadon:  I’d say it’s about a 7…point…armed ripped off.

Lloyd:  That’s a leg.
Garmadon:  Have you ever had an arm that kicks?!  How about this?
Lloyd:  It’s a sword.
Garmadon:  Ever had a sword arm?!

Garmadon:  Behold, the temple of fragile foundations.

Jay:  This is my new least favorite place I’ve ever been.

Lloyd, about the temple of fragile foundations:  So, you know this place?
Garmadon:  Who doesn’t know their childhood home?  This place is so unstable I had to move to a volcano to feel safe.

Garmadon:  She was fighting for good and looking good doing it.

Garmadon:  It was love at first fight.

Garmadon:  The life of a conquering war lord was not the life that she wanted for you.  …I could’ve changed, but I didn’t.  And before I knew it, she was gone and you were gone.

Garmadon:  Lloyd, your mom was the best and she expected the best from me and only wanted the best for you.

Garmadon:  I’ve realized, we don’t need to fight each other when we can fight alongside each other.
Lloyd:  No.  I don’t want to be your general #1.

Wu:  Inner piece.  The ultimate ultimate weapon is inside you.

Lloyd:  You were right, Master Wu.  I need to walk the path that only the son of Garmadon can walk.

Lloyd to Meowra:  I know it, I know it.  You didn’t want to destroy everything.  When people look at you, they see a monster, but I know that you just feel scared and alone and I know how that feels – to be judged unfairly.  So I just want to say that I forgive you and I’m sorry when I said I wish you weren’t my father.  I didn’t really mean it.  What I should’ve said is I wish we didn’t fight all the time.  I wish you could’ve been there… seen what I’ve gone through… I just, I need my dad.

Garmadon:  Son, did you mean all that stuff you said…to the cat?…  Well, I know for certain the cat feels the same way.

Lloyd:  No mom, I’m really sorry I took you for granted.  All you did was support me, the real me, that’s on the inside.

Lloyd:  Green is the color of life.  It flows through all living things, connecting them all.  The way I connect the ninjas and the way I connect my family, whether they’re together or not.

Wu:  Some powers are not powers you see.

Boy:  So, does that mean I’m a ninja now?
Mr. Liu:  No.  All you did was listen to a story.  That does not make you a ninja artist.

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