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Lion – Quotes

Stacey Tuttle on February 16, 2017 - 4:30 pm in Movie Quotes 2017

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Policeman: What’s your mother’s name?
Saroo: Mum.

Saroo: Did you really look for my mum?
Adoption agent: We looked everywhere.

Sue: I’m sure you’ve come a long way, and one day you’ll tell me all about it. … I’ll always listen. Always.

Sue: From the moment you came into our lives, you were all we could have hoped for, and more!

Saroo: Could you please no do anything that’s going to make mom more unhappy than you already do?
Mantoj: Mate, why do you think I stay away?

Saroo: I’m not from Calcutta—I’m lost.

Sue: I’ve been blessed. Very blessed.

Saroo: Why are you here? Sue: He’s here because he’s your brother.
Saroo: No, he’s not. We’re different.

Saroo: I hate what he’s done to you.

Saroo: Do you know what it’s like knowing every day my real mother and brother wonder where I am [and are looking for me]?

Saroo: Living our privileged lives, it make me sick.

Saroo: I imagine that I’m whispering in her ear, “I’m here; it’s OK.”

Sarroo, about Sue: I’m worried I’ll kill her if she knew I was searching.
Lucy: You underestimate her.

Saroo: I’m sorry you can’t have your own kids.

Saroo: You weren’t just adopting us but our pasts as well. I feel like we’re killing you.

Sue: I could’ve had kids. We chose… We wanted the two of you in our lives. That’s what we chose.

Sue: Having a child, that didn’t guarantee make this world any better, but to take the two of you who were suffering…to give you a chance… There was only one path for me.

Saroo: I didn’t want you to feel I was ungrateful. There wasn’t a day I didn’t want to tell you.

Sue: Saroo, I hope she’s there [your mother]. She needs to see how beautiful you are.

Saroo to Sue: I found her, but that doesn’t change who you are. I love you so much.



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