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Maleficent – Quotes

Stacey Tuttle on June 6, 2014 - 6:30 pm in Movie Quotes 2014

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OR…Feminism and Gender Roles in Maleficent:  The Good and the Ugly.

Narrator:  Let us tell an old story anew and we will see how well you know it.

Narrator:  Two kingdoms..[One is jealous of the other…]  Only a great hero or a terrible villain might bring them together.

Narrator:  [One kingdom had a king.  The other] needed neither king nor queen but trusted in each other.

Young Maleficent:  Don’t listen to him, Balthazar.  You’re classically handsome.

Young Maleficent:  Are you fully grown? 
Young Stefan:  No.

Young Maleficent:  I didn’t throw it away; I delivered it home as I’m going to do for you.

Narrator:  Maleficent thought about how Stefan cast away his ring – he who had so little in the world – so that they hands may touch again.  The thief who meant to steal a jewel, stole a heart instead.

Narrator:  As it will, friendship slowly turned into something else. 

Narrator:  She had never understood the greed and envy of the human race.

King:  A king does not take orders from a winged elf.
Maleficent:  You are no king to me.

King:  Defeated in battle.  Is this to be my legacy?

Narrator:  Betrayed.  He cut off her wings, declaring his love.

Diaval, when turned into a human:  What have you done to my beautiful self? 
Maleficent:  Would you rather I let them beat you to death?
Diaval:  I’m not certain.

Maleficent:  Wings.  I need you to be my wings.

Maleficent:  He did this to me so he would be king.

Maleficent:  The curse can be broken, but only by True Love’s Kiss.

Maleficent:  It’s so ugly one could almost feel sorry for it.

Maleficent:  It’s going to starve with those 3 looking after it.

Stefan:  Nothing is indestructible!  Not the wall, not Maleficent, nothing!

Maleficent:  Oh look!  The little beastie is about to fall off the cliff.

Maleficent:  Hmmm… curious little beastie…

Aurora: I know you’re there.  Don’t be afraid.
Maleficent:  I am not afraid. 
Aurora:  Then come out!
Maleficent:  They you’ll be afraid. 

Aurora:  I know who you are.
Maleficent:  You do?
Aurora:  You’re my fairy godmother.  You’ve been watching over me all my life!

Maleficent:  Good night, beastie.

Maleficent:  I revoke my curse.  Let it be no more.

Maleficent:  [My wings were] so big they dragged behind me when I walked.  They were strong.  They could carry me above the clouds.  They never faltered, not even once.

Aurora to her guardians:  You have been very good to me. Except the time you accidentally fed me spiders.

Aurora:  Am I cursed? …  No.  Don’t touch me.  Its you.  You’re the evil that’s in the world. 

Maleficent:  Have you not worked it out yet?  I cursed her that way so there could be no fix.

Prince Phillip:  I am looking for a girl.
Maleficent:  Of course you are.

Maleficent:  I will not ask your forgiveness, because what I have done to you is unforgiveable. 

Maleficent:  I was lost in hatred and revenge, sweet Aurora.  You stole what was left of my heart and now I have lost you forever.  I swear to you, no harm shall ever befall you and not a day shall pass that I don’t miss your smile. 

Stefan:  How does it feel to be a fairy creature without wings in a world where you don’t belong? 

Narrator:  Maleficent brought down her wall of thorns and took off her crown.

Fairies:  Here, give this crown to our little Aurora for whom we have sacrificed the best years of our … never mind.

Narrator:  In the end, my kingdom was not united by a hero or a villain as legend predicted, but by one who was both hero and villain.  Her name was Maleficent.


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