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McFarland, USA – Quotes

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Principal: I was wondering why a man like you would want to come here, and then I read your file.

Diaz: We gotta go. We gotta go. Really. It’s our mom!

Johnny: It’s not the size of the dog in the fight; it’s the size of the fight in the dog. Coach White: Depends on the dog in the fight.

Store Owner: Senor Kept It! Coach White: How do you know that? Store Owner: Well, I know who you live next to, and you’re here buying feed instead of BBQ sauce. That means you have manners.

Student to Coach White: AM means morning, not the radio!

Fellow Teacher: Your name’s White?!

Johnny: Seriously, you got fired from football? In your first week?! Congratulations! They’re treating you like a picker!

This is one of the poorest towns in America.

Principal to Coach White, whose answer is “no” to all: Have you coached cross country before? Have you coached track? Have you competed in High School, maybe?   … Well, you sound perfect.

Coach White: You know how fast you were running? Thomas: What are you a cop or something?

Johnny: We needed 7 runners. Victor: Yeah, not 6 runners and Danny Diaz.

Coach White to Danny Diaz: You’re my anchor, and not just because you’re fat. I mean, you are a little fat, but… you’re important.

Danny: [He’s] slower than 911 to a Mexican’s house.

Coach White: We’re going to get to the point where when we see a hill, we smile!

Competing Runners: I hear they can’t run without a cop behind ‘em or a Taco Bell in front.

Coach White: Hard? Hard is when they pass you on that last hill. Hard is when you lose because you haven’t done enough.

Coach White: You think I’m picking on you? Then run faster!

Thomas: We’re pickers… I’ts never gonna change.

Cheryl: Nobody can hold a grudge like a teenage girl. Coach White: How about her mom? Cheryl: Working on it.

Coach White on eating so much food: Saying no is rude. Damacio: So is puking on the family.

Coach White: Tell him it was an honor to be invited into his home. Damacio: Dad, he says, “it was an honor to be invited into your home.” Mr. Diaz: Tell him I say thank you.

Mr. Diaz: Your sport is like TV – it’s a non-essential. …Each time they run, [they’re not at work], it’s food off our table.

Mrs. Diaz: My boys running for you, they need better uniforms and new shoes. Why you buy them cheap shoes? You not proud of them? You’re a good man, so I’m helping you.

Coach White: When you’re in pain out there, remember, so is the guy next to you and in front of you. It’s going to come down to who can handle the pain. Ask yourself, “Who’s tougher?”

Coach White: “Cougers” look like it’s spelled right to you? Thomas: You tell her and we kill you.

Store Owner: Can you imagine if we actually beat the whole d*** state? I might have to close the store for a day. First time in 25 years.

Store Owner: Blanco, this is going to go a lot quicker if we remember one thing: we’re not the chiefs, we’re the Indians.

Coach White: I don’t know if Julie knows how much I’ve struggled with this [her becoming a woman], but tonight I celebrate it.

Javi: It’s the only way we go, bro: low and slow.

Thomas: This is America, right? You gotta go bigger… There’s nothing “American Dream” about this place.

Cheryl: Please don’t just let this be about our safety, because no where I’ve ever lived has ever felt this much like home.

Coach White: They haven’t got what you’ve got. They don’t’ get up at dawn and work in the fields, and then go out again after school, and then come out to run 8-10 miles with me. These kids can’t even imagine what you do…. You guys are superhuman… You have strength they can’t imagine.

McFarland had 9 wins in 14 years. Jim White coached every team. (1987, 1992-1996, 1999, 2000, 2001)

Not one of the 1987 team had a single family member who completed 9th grade. Everyone on that team went to college.



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