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Miracles from Heaven – Quotes

Stacey Tuttle on April 4, 2016 - 4:50 pm in Movie Quotes 2016

Read Shepherd Project’s discussion of Miracles from Heaven here.

Christy: When I was growing up, people didn’t really talk about miracles. I wasn’t sure what they really were or if I even believed in them.

Christy: A miracle is defined by something not explicable by natural laws.

Pastor: No pain, no gain. The same principle, usually applied to the sculpting of our bodies, can be applied to the sculpting of our character.

Pastor: Faith is the only true shelter.

Christy: Say your prayers? Share one.

ER Dr.: I’m the doctor and I say she’s fine. Christy: She is NOT fine. I’m not leaving this hospital until I know what’s wrong with my daughter.

Doctor, as they are tubing her: This is gonna make you feel better.

Anna: Why do you think God hasn’t healed me?
Christy: There are so many things I don’t know, but I know God loves you.

Dr.: Dr. Bergman’s schedule opens when a patient no longer needs him.
Christy: You mean they’re cured?
Dr.: No…
Christy: So I have to wait for someone to die and just pray that Anna doesn’t go before them?

Christy (to God): Can you hear me? Because I no longer hear you.

Pastor: If I’m not happy in a particular situation, I need to ask myself what am I doing or not doing…

Church Members: Since she’s not being healed, it may be time for you and Kevin to ask some difficult questions… If your sins are getting the way—yours or Kevin’s or even Anna’s.

Christy: I can handle them thinking that it’s your fault or mine, but [I can’t handle] them thinking it’s Anna’s fault.

Christy: She’s dying.
Kevin: You can’t just take her to Boston without an appointment.
Christy: Yes I can.

Christy: I need an answer. I can’t hear “it’s all gonna work out”. I need an answer. I don’t have faith. I can’t even pray.

Pastor: We can’t choose our neighbors. We just have to love them.
Christy: Well I’m gonna have to love them from home, because I can’t go to church with them.
Pastor: That’s not the reason you stopped going. What’s the real reason?
Christy: Why would a loving God let me little girl suffer the way she is?
Pastor: Just because she’s suffering doesn’t mean he’s not a loving God.

Haley: Why do you want the cross with you?
Anna: It’s just like a reminder…
Haley : Of what?
Anna: That Jesus is with me.
Haley: Do you think he’s with me too?
Anna: Of course He is!

Haley: Are you afraid you’re going to die?
Anna: Some times.

Haley: She told me not to be afraid to die.
Haley’s dad: Why did she say that?
Haley: Because she’s not afraid. She said God is always with her.
Haley’s dad: Well, I guess if that makes her feel better…

Anna: I wanna die. I wanna go to Heaven where there’s no pain... I’m sorry mommy. I don’t wanna make you said. I just want it to be over.

Dr. Nurko: I’ve been a Dr. for 15 years. Never seen anything like it.

Anna: He told me I’d be fine.

Anna: I wanted to stay, but He told me I needed to come back, but that I’d be 100% healed.

Anna: Not everyone’s gonna believe, but that’s OK. They’ll get there when they get there.

Christy: So you’re telling me that when this baby girl feel 30 feet and hit her head just right, it didn’t kill her and it didn’t paralyze her… it cured her?

Anna: Is it ok if I call you Aunt Angela? Because you’re way more than a friend to me.

Christy: When Anna got sick, I couldn’t understand it. Why? … I felt helpless. Alone… Angry that our prayers weren’t being answered. I lost my faith.

Christy: Albert Einstein said there are only two ways [to see life]: one is as if nothing is a miracle, [the other is as if] everything is a miracle. … Miracles are goodness… Strangers… to dear friends who are there for us no matter what. … Miracles are love. Miracles are God and God’s forgiveness.

Christy: Why was Anna healed when today around the world there are so many children suffering? I don’t know… but I know I’m not alone and … I’m here to tell you YOU are not alone. Miracles are God’s way of telling us He’s here.

Haley’s dad: The last few weeks of her life were different. She felt safe. Loved. Anna gave her faith. Gave her peace. So I came here from Boston to thank Annabell and to thank you for sharing your story.

Christy: As you can see, we now live as if every day is a miracle because for us it is.



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