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Mully – Movie Quotes

Stacey Tuttle on October 20, 2017 - 10:00 am in Christian Living, Movie Reviews 2017

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100,000 orphans in Kenya. 1 in 5 won’t live till 5 years old.

Mully: I had no confidence about myself being able to be loved.

Son: My dad was the Great Gatsby of Kenya.

I began to realize the power of having money—it’s greater than anything else.

Mully: I said “Yes, God, use me.” The moment I said, “Yes, God,” I got the greatest joy in my heart.

Mully: I will never ever do business again. I will never ever work for money.

Son: On a plain language, that’s called total madness. That’s what it is.

Son: How do you let go of what you hold already?

Mully: I never said there’s no space for a child.

Daughter: I couldn’t understand why and I kept blaming those kids. And there’s was just to play and have fun in our house.

Isaac: I felt he had kicked us out and abandoned us so he could spend time with his other children that weren’t his anyway.

Rescued son: One of the first things that stood out was just his smile. It’s so welcoming.

Mully: This is your family now. These are your brothers and sisters.

The church’s attitude toward the kids: Those are bad people. We are good people.

Daughter: Mom stood by him and supported him unconditionally. Not because she had to, but because she chose to.

Boys: We’ve dug. [It’s] your vision. And we have a rock. So, what do we do?
Mully: I was shown a vision and there’s water there, so keep digging.
Boys: We hit the rock and it was an explosion [of water].

Son: When I finally understood what my dad was doing, I got behind him and started supporting him.

Mully: In Kenya, everyone, even the government, depends on donations from the Western world. We have got to change that... A beggar has no choices. ... [So,] How can we build a project that will be self-sustaining?

Plant trees to change our climate. More trees = micro climate and more rainfall.

For a whole year we gave our food to these children. 4,000 children every single day.

We are one family. 5 locations in Kenya. Thousands daily. Food, water, shelter.

12,000 kids successfully reinstated over 27 years. All call him dad.

Mullychildrensfamily.org ( https://mcfus.org/ )


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