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My All American – Quotes

Stacey Tuttle on February 17, 2016 - 11:00 pm in Movie Quotes 2015

Interviewer: You had thirty All-American players while you were coaching. Which one had the greatest impact on you?
Coach Royal: Freddie Steinmark
Interviewer: But he wasn’t an All-American?
Coach Royal: No, but he was my All-American.

Freddie’s dad: What makes a winner is learning they can always try harder.

Freddie: You’re really fast, for a big guy. We can really use you this year.

Linda: I don’t know that much about football.
Freddie: You will!

Coach Royal: You run like you got a school o’ minnows in your pants.

Freddie: Coach Royal believing in me makes me think, anything is possible.

Coach Royal: Gentlemen, football doesn’t built character; it eliminates the weak.

Coach Royal: We’ll either go 10 in 0 or 0 in 10, but sure ain’t gonna go 6 in 4.

Coach Royal: You’re one of the darndest players I’ve ever seen. Sure wish I had a lot more like you.

Coach Royal: I need to stop by and see you every day. You make me feel better about things.

Super Bill Bradley: Let’s go slick! Throw me a pass—I’m looking for a new position! [To the team:] Our quarterback! Hook ‘em!

Freddie: Just because you’re not a religious person doesn’t mean you can’t pray at a time like this.

Coach Royal: [We’ve been through a lot of hard times together… Times] so difficult at one point, every single one of you wanted to quit. But now you see it was all for a purpose. … Don’t let it go to waste… In one hour the gun is going to go off and signal the end of the game and the world will know the 1968 [?] champions were the University of North Texas Longhorns.

Coach Taylor: Yeah, I might be wrong, but I’m not confused.

Freddie: I wouldn’t have missed one minute of one game.
Coach Royal: Let me be clear, we would not be national champions if you had not been on the field.

Freddie’s mom: We’re coming soon, champ. Tonight we’ll say our prayers together.

Linda: I would drive across the country for you! … Whatever you are going through, I am going through.

Coach Royal: Whatever it is, you will meet the challenge and I will be here for you.

Coach Royal: Men, your teammate is in the fight of his life, and if there’s anyone I know who’s up to it, it’s Freddie Steinmark. That boy’s never backed down to nothing or nobody, no how.

Freddie: I’ll never play again. I won’t be able to show Notre Dame what they missed out on!

Linda: I can see our future together, from right here. RIGHT here.

Freddie: I need you to be straight with me. How many patients who have lost a limb from my kind of cancer live more than a year?
Doc Martin: Very few.
Freddie: Thank you.



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