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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales – Quotes

Stacey Tuttle on June 5, 2017 - 9:00 am in Movie Quotes 2017
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Will Tanner: This is my fate. The curse can never be broken.

Shopkeeper: There’s a witch and a pirate in my shop!
Jack: Well, it’s your lucky day!

Jack: Are you part of the plan?
Carina: I’m not looking for any trouble.
Jack: Well, what a terrible way to live!

Pirates: You’ve lost your luck; you’ve lost your ship, and now you’ve lost your crew.

Jack to Henry: Ugh – you’re the evil spawn of them two?!

Jack: The treasure of the map that no one can read?! Never heard of it.

Pirate: They’ve been killed by a man named Salamander.
Pirate: Sanovar.
Barbosa: Salazar.

Witch: The price of crossing my door is blood.
Barbosa: Explains why you’re not so busy.

Uncle Jack: I’ve been waiting all morning for a beating, but the service is terrible!

Uncle Jack: If they disembowel you, ask for Victor—he’s got the softest hands!

Soldier: How would you like to die: hanging, firing squad, or a new invention—the guillotine?
Jack: Guillotine? Sounds French. I love the French. They invented mayonnaise. How bad can it be?… [After learning what the guillotine is:] I’d rather be stoned!!

Carina: If a man read it, then it wouldn’t be the map no man can read, would it?!
Jack: Well, almost none of these men can read which makes every map a map no man can read.

Carina: I’m an astronomer.
Pirate: Ah…she breeds donkeys!

Jack: You call this doing nothing?
Henry: You’re drunk and you’re sleeping!
Jack: My point, exactly! I’m doing two things at once!

Jack: A bit of [advice] – when crossing a brunette, never fall for her sister. But if you can’t help it, kill the brother first.

Salazar: The sea was finally pure; their wretched flags would no longer stain the sea.

Pirate: So she’s saying she’s got the map and she’s the only one who can read it?!
Pirate: So we should shoot her?!

Carina: I’m not only an astronomist; I’m also a horologist.
Jack: No shame in that.
Pirate: So was my mother.
Carina: No, a horologist. I study time.
Pirate: And she [my mum] was always looking at her watch.
Carina: Are all pirates this stupid?
Pirates: Yeah.

Henry: I saw her ankles!
Jack: You’d have seen a lot more than that if you’d have kept your cake hole shut.

Jack: The only safe place is the land. Why are we going away from the land?!

Henry: You don’t have to understand her, just believe her.

Carina: The memory of my father will not be defiled by a common pirate.

Carina: Who am I to you? Barbosa: Treasure.

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