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Rio 2 – Quotes

Stacey Tuttle on April 17, 2014 - 6:00 pm in Movie Quotes 2014

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Tulio:  My assistant…I mean my loving wife and colleague.

Jewel:  Look  at us!  Ipods.  TV.  Pancakes?  We’re not people!

Rafael:  You hit every note!
Talent Judge (in an aside):  Yeah, along with a bunch of notes I never heard of. 
Rafael:  I know we can find a spot for you. 
Talent Judge (in an aside):  Yeah, maybe back in Antarctica! 

Rafael:  Happy wife, happy life!

Nigel:  That’s Shakespeare, by the way. 
Gabi:  Without your performance, it ‘s nothing.
Nigel:  Good point.

Nigel or Gabi:  I can’t think of anything more romantic than poisoning passengers on a midnight cruise.

I always suspected you were dumber than a monkey…and now I know.

Jewel to Blu about his GPS:  I told you not to trust that woman!

Blu:  That’s right.  It’s a spoon and a fork.  Be afraid.  Be very afraid.

Nigel:  Keep celebrating.  I’ll be pooping on your party promptly.

Kids:  A birdbath…[passes gas and bubbles rise]...jacuzzi!!!

Rafeal:  We?  What are you talking about “we”?  You speak French?

If they keep on eating each other, we got no show.  This ain’t an all you can eat show!

Eduardo:  You’re a pet???
Blu:  What?  No, no it was nothing like that.  I was her companion.

Come along, honey.  Moon River isn’t going to sing itself.

Nigel:  Prepare the “tongue-a-pult”.

Maybe some places shouldn’t be found.

Rival Red Bird Leader: This means WAR!!
Blu:  Does it?  Does it have to? Can’t it mean something else?

Maybe the secret weapon just backfired. 

Nico:  They lure you in.  They destroy your mind.   Polly want a cracker?  Polly want a cracker?  Polly want a cracker?  I HATE…no more crackers, Roberto.

Linda:  As bad as it is, there’s no place I would rather be than with you, even if it is tied to a tree.

Blu:  Eduardo, I may not be the birdliest bird in the flock, but for once that’s a good thing.  You know birds, the jungle… I know humans.

Nigel:  My final act and it’s standing room only.

Gabi:  My parents told me I was poisonous and should never touch anyone. 
One of the kids:  You just have really mean parents!

Gabi:  Oh Nigel, wow!  A honeymoon in Bali?


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