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Rock Dog – Quotes

Stacey Tuttle on March 2, 2017 - 9:00 pm in Movie Quotes 2017
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Khampa: If the enemy thinks there’s an army then they won’t invade.

Khampa: I swear, it’s like they’re a bunch of animals…can’t even think for themselves.

Khampa: Find the fire inside. Find the passion.

Radio Host: Do you have any advice?
Angus: Play your guts out. Even when your dad says “stop”, don’t stop.

Bodi: It was like the answer to the question of my life.

Bodi: I can’t help it, Dad; the music is in me. It’s in me, Dad.

Khampa: If he’d been doing his job guarding the village…
Fleet: I thought that was your job.
Khampa: Well, I wasn’t doing my job.
Fleet: I think we’ve already established that…. Bodi isn’t you. Bodi is who he is. He’s looking for his own paradise.

Khampa: Go to the city, but if you fail, you come back and you never speak of music again.

Fleet: This is your life. Make it a happy one.

Bodi: The old magic singing box… fell out of the sky.

Linnux: You know what? You morons just lost your medical and your 401k.

Linnux: You’ll be relocated to the bottom of the ocean front.

Agent: Will you quit making up lame excuses?
Angus: These are some of the best excuses I’ve ever had!

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