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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story – Quotes

Stacey Tuttle on February 16, 2017 - 6:00 pm in Movie Quotes 2017

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Mom: You know where to go, don’t you? Trust the force.

Galen: You’re confusing peace with terror.
Krennick: Well, you have to start somewhere.

K-2SO (?): Congratulations; you are being rescued. Please do not resist.

K-2SO: You’re letting her keep it [a blaster]?! Would you like to know the odds of her using it against you? It’s high. Very high.

Chirrut Imwe: The force is with me and I am with the force.

Chirrut Imwe (as they put a bag over his head): Are you kidding me? I’m blind!

Chirrut Imwe: I’m beginning to think the force and I have different priorities.

Chirrut Imwe (?): There’s more than one sort of prison, captain. I’m starting to think you carry yours wherever you go.

Saw: You can stand to see the imperial flag reign across the galaxy?
Jyn (?): It’s not a problem if you don’t look up.

K-2SO: There’s a problem on the horizon… there is no horizon!

Pilot: He said I could get right with myself. I could make it right if I would listen to what was in my heart.

Jyn: Orders? When you know they’re wrong? You might as well be a storm trooper.

Cassian: You’re not the only one who lost everything. Some of us just decided to do something about it.

Jyn: What chance do we have? The question is what choice? Run, hide, plead for mercy, scatter your forces? You give way to an enemy this evil with this much power and you condemn the galaxy to an eternity of submission. The time to fight is now!

Rebel: You’re asking us to invade an imperial station with nothing but hope?
Jyn: Rebellions are built on hope!

Cassian: [All the terrible things I’ve done and things I want to forget… I can’t. I have to believe it can all be for a greater cause.]

Jyn: I’m not used to people sticking around when things go bad.
Cassian: Welcome home.

K-2SO: Jyn, I’ll be there for you. Cassian said I had to.

Saw: One soldier with a sharp stick and nothing left to lose can save the day.


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