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Same Kind of Different as Me – Movie Quotes

Stacey Tuttle on November 10, 2017 - 10:45 am in Movie Quotes 2017

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Ron: This is my home...and it’s broke.

Debbie to Ron’s mistress: His, this is Deb. I’m Ron’s wife... I just want you to know that I don’t blame you and I truly hope you can find someone who loves you the way Ron and I used to love each other. If we can find that again, you won’t be hearing from my husband anymore. Goodbye.

Debbie: You can leave, or... You choose.
Ron: I choose you.

Ron: Somebody once said all men make mistakes, but married men find out about them sooner.

Debbie: I had another dream. It was about a poor wise man who changes the city. ...Can’t you just see it?! Flower boxes... A place where people know they matter just as much as people on the other side of that tunnel?!

Chef: I had a home. And a job. My son got killed. My wife couldn’t take it. Then I got drunk.

Clara: You know, I wasn’t always homeless. I had a husband. He wasn’t always nice... I had a son. They took him from men when I couldn’t take care of him.

Clara: I’ve done things I’m not proud of.
Debbie: We all have.

Earl: Lots of bums there looking for handouts instead of using their hands.

Denver: You wanna be my friend? ... I’m gonna have to think about that.

Denver: Before I answer your question about being friends, something I wanna ask you. Something about white people always bother me. When white people go fishing, they do catch and release... See where I growed up... when we finally caught something on the line, we’s real proud of what we got. [We sure didn’t release it.] ... If you is a white man that is fishing for a friend and you just wanna catch and release, then I got no desire to be your friend.

Denver: As a boy, I made a promise to myself I’d never be speaking to no whites. Especially no white woman.

Ron: There’s a lot of messed up things in this world and no shortage of things I don’t understand. ... [People always say] God works in mysterious ways, as if that’s supposed to make me like Him more.

Ron, about what he learned from Denver: While the journey of the homeless can often begin in a hopeless place, [it doesn’t have to end there].

Denver: When you give a plate of food or $1 to a homeless man, what do you think you’re doing? Helping?! No. A plate of food don’t change nothing. You’re tell him you see him. He’s not invisible.

Denver: You all been really kind to me. Showed me a lot of trust bringing me into your home. I done some bad things. Didn’t want to tell you. Hoped I wouldn’t have to but I guess some things won’t be forgotten...
Debbie: You’re not a bad man. You have the strongest heart.   And I’m glad we’re friends.

Denver: Something else Mr. Ron—the work Miss Deb is doing is very important. She’s becoming precious to God. When you become precious to God you become important to Satan.

Denver: Mr. Ron—any sport you have to have a reservation to play is a rich folk game.

Man at country club about Denver being there: We come here to get away from the world and I’m not sure how good it is to be reminded of how fortunate we are.

I prayed to God all last night. I asked him to heal her. I also asked why. It really, don’t make no sense to me. Then I saw a shooting star... God put every star in the heavens and even gave every one a name. If one of them was gone fall, God knew. If we couldn’t see where it’s gonna wind up, maybe God knows.

Denver: Guns ain’t no toy, Mr. Ron. If I gone shoot one; its business.

Earl: I think giving a shotgun to a man who lives in a dumpster on purpose is a perfectly logical thing to do.

Denver: Bless him. Your daddy got a good man inside of him.

Denver: The way I figured, if it hadn’t been for him, there’d be no you and I’d still be in the bushes.

Debbie: I want you to know, I’m freeing him up to marry whomever he chooses; to be happy. I want you to let him be happy.

Debbie to Ron: If she hadn’t happened, our lives together would never be this beautiful.

Denver: I never wanted to know Miss Debbie or any white woman. ... Miss Debbie wanted to be my friend.

Denver: She was different. She saw me behind them bars and reached down and pulled me out with the key God gave her.

Denver: I used to spend a lot of time worrying I was different from other people. Even homeless people. ... But what I found out, we’re all different. Same kind of different as me.

Denver: Miss Debbie, she a whole nother kind of different. Miss Debbie dreamed of a better place for us homeless folks. And I’m not talking about heaven. I’m talking about right here.

Denver: Whether we’s rich or whether we’s poor, we’s all homeless, every last one of us. Just working our way back home. Welcome home, Miss Debbie. Welcome home.

Ron: God’s in the recycling business, of turning trash into treasure.

Ron: You were right about my dad. There was a good man inside my dad. I just had to do a lot of digging.

Denver: Sometimes you just gotta bless the hell out of people. Your daddy had a lot of hell in him.



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