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The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – Quotes

Stacey Tuttle on March 13, 2015 - 8:45 pm in Movie Quotes 2015

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Sonny: I will not hear your negativity! Madame, this is Route 66 and we are most assuredly getting our kicks!

Sonny: You are not as happy as we are that you are happy to do so.

Sonny: Though her language is sordid, it does have a certain quality of economy and pith.

Evelyn: They are lovely! Hari: That’s why they cost 1,000 rupees. Evelyn: Everyday! We have to do this every day?! Hari: You must respect the process!

Mrs. Donnelly: The Marigold Hotel is full up with nobody checking out. Sonny: Until…the ultimate check out.

Sonny, about Mrs. Donnelly: This woman…who said…”Why die here, when I can die…there?”

Sonny: Let me put just one word in your mind, Sunaina: Elopement.

Sonny: Have you just come for our wedding celebration? Only to return? Straight away?

Evelyn: I’m 79 years old! Jodi: We don’t mind if you don’t.

How was America? Mrs. Donnelly: It made death more welcoming.

Lavinnia: Roll call? Sonny: To be sure that no one leaves us in the night and remains undiscovered. Although you, dear lady, are nearer the menopause than the mortuary.

Sonny: Like lemmings they come to the cliff that is the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.

Evelyn: How did you find America: Mrs. Donnelly: I went with no expectations and came back disappointed.

Madge: Lordy Lord, have mercy on my ovaries!

Mrs. Donnelly to Sonny about his kissing up to the presumed hotel inspector: Well, that was thorough. Find any polyps?

Guy Chambers about writing his book: It’s about getting older. About loss, death, a narrowing of the… Evelyn: Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Mrs. Donnelly: Just because I’m looking at you doesn’t mean I care or am even listening.

Sonny: Clearly, the man who named this hotel had a supreme sense of mischief. But had they called it “the great potential”…

Babul: There’s no present like the time.

Sonny: How hard it must be not to choke on the silver spoon that is in your mouth!

Douglas: The great and terrible thing about life is that there’s just so much bloody potential.

Lavinnia: You’re probably thinking that I’m a little young to be staying at the Marigold Hotel. Kushal: Either that or your plastic surgeon is a genius!

Sonny: He is so handsome, he has me questioning my own sexuality. Mrs. Kapoor: Are you pimping out your own mother?

Babul: Some you win, my lady. Some you learn.

Evelyn: Sometimes it seems the difference between what we want and what we fear is the width of an eyelash.

Evelyn: I don’t know why I tell you anything! Mrs. Donnelly: Because I’m older and wiser. Evelyn: 79 days older. Mrs. Donnelly: That’s the entire life span of a wasp!

Mrs. Ainsley: I couldn’t resist the opportunity to come out and visit the old ruins, and see how the hotel was doing too.

Evelyn: You’ve been to Mumbai before? Hari: Many times. Very many times. Evelyn: So you’ve never been, then? Hari: Never.

Sonny: Coincidence is just a word for when we cannot see the bigger plans.

Mrs. Donnelly, what is your advice? Mrs. Donnelly: Never to give any.

Guy Chambers: She doesn’t trust anyone, least of all herself. Which probably means she’s become someone she’s not proud of.

Sonny: I used to always dream of the future and now all I see is him in front of me.

Mrs. Donnelly: If there’s one thing I can’t [stand], it’s self-pity. Don’t be that idiot! It destroys everything around it.

Sonny: What should I do? Mrs. Donnelly: That’s for you to decide. Sonny: Why won’t you tell me? Mrs. Donnelly: So you’ll know what to do after I’m gone.

Sonny: I told you, the nose knew.

Mrs. Ainsley: There are some people into whose laps good things fall. I am not one of them.

Sonny: I must apologize to you. Sunaina: You already apologized. Sonny: I mean it more now.

Mrs. Donnelly: I don’t do advice, I do opinions, and my opinion of the groom is this: he gets plenty wrong, but never when it counts. And when he gets it right, it’s something to behold.

Sonny: Kushal may find himself working a little below me. Such is the level of my victorious magnanimity.

Madge: What do you do when you face a difficult decision? Babul: I don’t believe there is such a thing. Throw a coin in the air and we always know what side we want it to land on.

Ty Burley: I came to pay my respects. There’s nothing I respect more than someone planting trees under whose shade they may never sit.

Mrs. Donnelly: There’s no such thing as an ending, just a place where you leave the story, and it’s your story now.


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