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Silence – Quotes

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Ferreira:  They not only did not apostatize, but they asked to be tortured, [partly to demonstrate the power of their faith].

Kichijiro:  I am not Christian.  Christians die in Nagasaki.

Rodrigues:  Go ye into the whole world and preach the gospel.  To the whole world, even to one such as this.

Garupe:  We have trusted that man with our lives.
Rodrigues:  Jesus trusted even worse.

Rodrigues (or Garupe?):  How do you live as Christians when the danger is so great?
Villager:  We pray in secret.

Rodrigues:  You do not eat?
Villager:  It is you who feed us.

Rodrigues:  Long years of secrecy has turned their faces into masks.  Why did they have to bear such a burden?  Why did He pick them to suffer so much?

Rodrigues:  Finally they had priests to forgive their sins.

Rodrigues:  The promise that their suffering would not end in nothingness.

Rodrigues:  God hears us then and He hears us now.

About Kichijiro:  It’s true he renounced God.  His whole family was put to death but he still believes.

Rodrigues:  The fear I’d felt on the journey faded away because their joy was so great.  Almost as great as my own.

Rodrigues:  They live like beasts and die like beasts but Christ did not die for the good and beautiful.  That is easy enough…

Rodrigues:  They are desperate for tangible signs of faith.  I worry they value these signs of faith more than faith itself, but how could we deny them?

Kichijiro:  I started to believe that God might take me back because in my dreams the fire [that burned my family] was not so bright when I saw you and Father Garupe.

Villager:  We would not be in such danger if the Padres had not come.
Villager:  No, we will protect the padres.  Now we must find two more who will join us.
Old woman to Kichijiro:  Please, go in our place.

Rodrigues:  Your faith gives me strength.

Rodrigues:  These people are the most devoted men of God on earth.

Rodrigues:  Why must their trials be so terrible?  …And why when I look in my heart, do the answers I give them seem so weak?

Rodrigues:  Surely God heard their prayers as they died, but did he hear their screams?

Garupe:  Are we running away?  …  They died for us.
Rodrigues:  They did not die for us, Garupe.  They did not die for us.
Garupe:  I feel like a coward.

Rodrigues:  I imagine Your son nailed to the cross.  My mouth tastes like vinegar.

Rodrigues:  Father in Heaven, praise be Your name.  I’m just a foreigner who brought disaster.  That’s what they think of me now.

Rodrigues:  What happened to all the glorious possibilities we found here?  What have I done for Christ?  What will I do for Christ?

Rodrigues:  I’m tempted to despair.  The weight of your silence is terrible.  Or am I just praying to nothing because you are not there?

Rodrigues:  If my report stops abruptly, do not think that we are dead.  If Garupe and I die, the church dies with us.

Rodrigues:  300 [pieces of silver]?  Judas got only 30.

Kichijiro:   Where is the place for a weak man?

Rodrigues:  What you will do, do quickly.  Your words to Judas at the last supper.  Did it come from anger or love?

Christian girl:  Isn’t it good to die?  It is so much better than here.  No more sickness…taxes…

Rodrigues:  The blood of martyrs is the seed of the church.

Inquisitor:  Killing the priest and killing the peasants only makes it worse.

Inquisitor:  The price for your glory is their suffering.

Inquisitor’s soldier:  Arrogant man—like all of them—which means he will eventually fall.

Rodrigues:  I thought martyrdom would be my salvation.  Please God, don’t let it be my fall.

Inquisitor:  We find [your doctrine] is of no use and no value in Japan.  We have concluded that it is a danger.

Rodrigues:  But we believe we have brought you a truth and a truth is universal.  If it wasn’t true in Japan, we can’t call it the truth.

Inquisitor:  [A tree that grows in one climate will not grow in the soil of another.]
Rodrigues:  The soil was poisoned.

Rodrigues:  You will never change my heart and it seems I will never change yours.

Kichijiro:  I want to confess again so the Lord can wash me clean.

Kichijiro:  Years ago, I could’ve died a good Christian—there was no persecution.  This is so unfair.
Rodrigues:  But do you still believe?

Rodrigues:  Father, how could Christ love a wretch like this?  …  He is not worthy to be called evil.

Rodrigues:  I fear, Christ forgive me, I may not be worthy of you.

Inquisitor:  I don’t really care.  Just touch it lightly.  It’s only a picture.  Put your foot on it.  You don’t really have to renounce your faith.  Just do it quickly so we can get out of the sun.

Rodrigues:  He treats me kindly—3 meals a day so my body will betray my heart.

Inquisitor’s Soldier:  We don’t care about the peasants…  We want the padre to deny Christ to be an example to them.

Ferreira:  It is fulfilling to finally be of use in this country.

Rodrigues:  You use the truth like poison.

Rodrigues:  It is cruel, worse than any torture, to thirst a man’s soul like this.

Ferreira:  Our religion does not take root in this country.
Rodrigues:  Because the roots were torn up.

Rodrigues:  They did not die for nothing.
Ferreira:  They died for you!

Rodrigues:  You’re a disgrace.  You’re a disgrace, Father.

Inquisitor’s soldier:  Padre, you came here for them and now they just hate you.

Ferreira:  Do you have the right to make them suffer?

Ferreira:  What would you do for them?  Pray???

Ferreira:  They are here for you, Rodriguez, as long as you are here.  They die for you.  Show Christ you love Him; act as He would; save their lives.  You are about to perform the most painful act of love that has even been fulfilled [- denying Christ].

Inquisitor’s soldier about apostatizing:  It is just a formality.

Rodrigues about God:  He’s here; I just can’t hear him.

Jesus in Rodrigues’ mind:  Come on now; step on me.  I understand your pain…  I carried this cross for your pain.  Your life is with me now.  Step.

Inquisitor:  You were not defeated by me; you were defeated by this swamp of Japan.

Rodrigues:  Lord, I fought against your silence.
God:  I suffered beside you.  I was never silent.
Rodrigues:  Even if God had been silent, my whole life to this very day, everything I know, everything I’ve done, speaks of Him.  It was in the silence that I heard your voice.

Dutch trader/narrator:  The man who was once Rodrigues ended as they wanted him, and as I first saw him, lost to God.  But as to that, only God can answer.

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