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Christian Speaker Craig Smith

If you’re looking for a Christian speaker who can help your group dig deep into Truth and inspire them to reach wide into the world, you’ve found him!

Gifted Teacher

From Jr. High retreats to international pastor conferences and everything in between, Craig speaks to thousands of people around the world every year. With deep, life-changing biblical teaching, relevant storytelling and engaging humor, Craig bridges the gap between the head and the heart, challenging audiences of all ages.

Veteran Pastor

Craig is a veteran pastor as well as a respected Christian speaker, so he not only brings solid Bible teaching but also a pastor’s heart to make the Truth understandable and relevant to modern audiences. Whatever your audience, Craig can find ways to engage, encourage, equip and empower them to dig deep into truth and understand what that truth looks like for those of us living in the modern 


In addition to being an in-demand Christian speaker, Craig is also a popular author of such books as How Not To Miss God MovingThe Kingdom for the KinglessThe Search: Hearing God in the Crowd and The Word:  Understanding and Trusting the Bible in an Age of Skepticism.  Craig is also a frequent interview guest on radio and TV programs.

“…when Craig speaks, the truth of God pierces the heart in a way that is both fresh and understandable…” – Charlie Dean, pastor

“Craig is a man with creative insight into truth and a unique ability to communicate!” – Josh McDowell