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“…a needed and unique voice communicating God’s truth to today’s culture…” – Lindsey O’Connor, author & speaker
“…when Craig speaks, the truth of God pierces the heart in a way that is both fresh and understandable…” - Charlie Dean, pastor
“…a Christian speaker with a rare gift for communicating Biblical truth in a way people don’t easily forget…” - John Stone, pastor

Craig’s not big on titles and accolades, preferring  just to let his authentic love for Jesus speak for itself.  However, you should probably know that he’s no lightweight when it comes to credentials.  In addition to being a veteran pastor, Craig holds a Ph.D. in biblical studies, teaches New Testament courses and Systematic Theology to seminary students getting their Master’s degrees and is often invited to speak at national theological conferences!  But he loves working with middle school students just as much as with pastors…and they love him right back!

Craig is a pastor who understands the need for solid biblical truth and a theologian who “gets” the modern world with all its challenges and opportunities.

The blending of the head and the heart is a central part of Craig’s life as well as his speaking.  Craig is a popular professor at Denver Seminary, but he’s also the worship leader for his home church. You can find his worship songs on Itunes and his biblical studies articles in scholarly journals. This year he’ll speak at everything from junior high retreats to the Evangelical Theological Society’s international conference.

That may seem like an odd combination of venues, but Craig is uniquely gifted to not only know the truth but to communicate it in fresh and creative ways that really connect with people of all ages and backgrounds.

Craig’s unparalleled depth of biblical teaching is combined with riotous humor and riveting story-telling that keeps audiences of all ages spell-bound. If you’re looking for a speaker with rock solid biblical content, cutting-edge cultural relevance and a contagious passion, then Craig is the speaker for you.

Craig lives in Castle Rock, Colorado with Coletta, his bride of 20 years, their daughters Rochelle (14) and Lynae (11) and an extremely needy Golden Retriever named Selah.  Craig and his family love spending time together hiking, skiing, rock-climbing, watching action movies, playing Settlers of Catan and arguing about whether Thor or Captain America is the best superhero (that's mostly Lynae's soapbox these days).

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