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Spectre – Quotes

Stacey Tuttle on November 13, 2015 - 7:45 pm in Movie Quotes 2015

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Opening quote on screen: The dead are alive.

James Bond to M: You’re right, sir, you have got a tricky day ahead.

Moneypenny: Everybody is talking—that what you did in Mexico is a step too far.
James Bond: What do you think?
Moneypenny: That you’re just getting started.

Q: A shame really, she [a car] was designed for you, but now she’s been reassigned to 009…you get this. [Gives him a watch.]
James Bond: Does it do anything?
Q: Tells the time.

Q: I said “bring it back in one piece”, not “bring back one piece”!

Q: You may experience a drop in coverage the first 24…[James Bond gives him a look]…48 hours.
James Bond: I’ll send you a postcard.
Q: Please don’t.

Lucia Sciarra: How can you talk like this? Can’t you see I’m grieving?
James Bond: No.

White: He [Blofeld] is everywhere. He’s…kissing your wife. He’s eating dinner with your family.

White: You’re a kite, dancing in a hurricane, Mr. Bond.

C: You can’t really tell me that one man in the field can compete with all of this?!

M: You ever killed anyone, Max? To kill a man, you have to be sure. … You have to look him in the eyes. [A drone doesn’t.]

M:   A license to kill is also a license not to kill.

M: You watch MI6 Agents?
C: We watch everyone.

Q: M wants my balls for Christmas decorations.

Madeleine: What if I shoot you by mistake?
James Bond: Wouldn’t be the first time.

Madeleine: Why, given every other option, does a man choose to be an assassin?
James Bond: Well, it was either than or the priesthood…. Didn’t have a choice, really.
Madeleine: I think you’re wrong. There’s always a choice.

Blofeld: Information. Information is all, is it not?

James Bond: I came here to kill you.
Blofeld: Then you came here to die.
James Bond: Well, it’s all a matter of perspective.

James Bond, about C: What does he get out of it?
Blofeld: Nothing! He’s a visionary.

Blofeld: It’s always been me, James, the author of all your pain.

Blofeld: [It’s] a crucial fact that a terrible event can lead to something wonderful.

Blofeld: The things that brings people together… Out of horror…beauty.

James Bond: You know what happens when a cuckoo hatches inside another bird’s nest?
Madeleine: Yes, he forces the other birds out.

James Bond: I’d recognize you anywhere.

Agent: I’ve never even heard of Hildebrand.
M: That is the general idea of a safe-house.

M: Not a good feeling, being watched, is it?

M: I’m going to shut this down and then I’m going to bring you in.
C: On what grounds, exactly?
M: Poor taste in friends.

C: Isn’t that what M stands for, moronic?
M: Now we know what C stands for, careless.

Blofeld: I’ve really put you through it, haven’t I? ... That’s brothers for you. They really know which buttons to push.

C: Why can’t you just face it? You don’t matter anymore.
M: Maybe I don’t, but something has to.



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