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The Fault in our Stars – Movie Quotes

Stacey Tuttle on June 19, 2014 - 9:55 pm in Movie Quotes 2014

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Hazel:  I believe we have a choice about how we tell stories in this world.  You can sugar coat it…like they do in Disney movies…  I like that version just as much as the next girl.  It’s just not the truth.  Sorry.

Hazel:  Depression is not a side effect of cancer. It’s a side effect of dying.

Patrick:  We are gathered here literally in the heart of Jesus.  We are here with J.C.

Patrick:  Why don’t I play another song?  Christ is our friend and he’ll be there till the end.  Christ. Christ. Christ.

Hazel’s dad:  You do not take pot.
Hazel:  Well that is the kind of thing I would know with a fake ID.

Hazel:  So I went to support group for the same reason I did everything—to  make my parents happy.

Hazel:  The only thing worse than biting it from cancer was having a kid bite it from cancer.

Gus:  I’m grand, yeah.  I’m on a roller coaster that only up. 

Gus:  Fears?  Oblivion.  You see, I intend to live an extra-ordinary life and my fear is not to be able to do that.
Hazel:  Oblivious is inevitable and if that scares you, then I suggest you ignore it.  That’s what everyone else does. 

Gus:  I decided not to deny myself the simple pleasures of life since, as you so astutely pointed out, we are all going to die.

Gus:  You put the thing that kills you between your teeth.

Driving instructor to Gus:  You driving, while unpleasant, is not technically unsafe.

Gus:  What’s your story?  …  Not your cancer story.  Your real story.

Gus:  It’s about honor and heroism and… and embracing your destiny.

Hazel:  I’m so sorry.  You want to talk about it?
Isaac:  No.  I’m pretty sure I want to sit and cry and play video games.

Gus:  There’s an unwritten contract between author and reader.

Hazel (about her favorite book):  I think it’s truthful.  Because you just die [mid sentence]…

Gus:  That’s the thing about pain.  It demands to be felt.

Gus:  I’ve been trying to tell you—I’m kind of awesome. 

Gus:  You used your wish on Disney?  Now I’m just embarrassed.  I can’t believe I have a crush on a girl with such a cliché wishes.

Hazel:  He doesn’t need this in his life.  Nobody does. 
Hazel’s dad:  You’re right.  Your mom and I were just thinking the same thing—we should just toss you on the sidewalk. 

Gus:  I demand to see this swing set of tears.

Gus:  Hazel Grace, I hope you realize this effort of yours to keep your distance from me in no way lessons my affection for you.

Gus:  It would be a privilege to have my heart broken by you. 

Hazel:  I’m a grenade!  One day, I’m gonna explode and obliterate everything in my wake.  It’s my responsibility to minimize the casualties.

Hazel:  We’re just friend.
Gus:  Well, she is.  I’m not. 

Gus:  Yes, I definitely believe in something.  …  Otherwise, what’s the point? 
Hazel:  Maybe there is no point.
Gus:  I won’t accept that.

Van Houten:  Some infinities are greater than other infinities. 

Van Houten:  I assume that answers your questions.

Hazel:   Pity – I do not want your pity.

Van Houten:  Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why you care so much about the answers to your silly questions? 

Anne Frank:  We are much too young to deal with these problems.  But they keep forcing themselves on us till we are forced to deal. 

Anne Frank:  And yet, when I look up at the sky, I cannot help but feel that things will get better, that this cruelty too will end.

Anne Frank:  All is as it should be. 

Anne Frank:  God wishes to see people happy.  Where there is hope, there is life.

Anne Frank:  At such moments, I can’t think about the misery but the beauty that still remains.

Hazel’s mom:  We’ll just have to come back is all.
Hazel:  Will you just stop being ridiculous?
Hazel’s mom:  I’m not being ridiculous.  I’m being positive.

Hazel:  It so unfair.
Gus:  Apparently the world is not a wish granting factory.

Hazel:  How are your eyes, Isaac?
Isaac:  They’re good.  They’re just not I my head anymore is all.

Hazel:  Gus, I think we should wit until dark.   
Gus:  Well, it’s all dark to Isaac.

Gus:  Are you Monica’s mother?  Well, she’s done a great injustice and we are here to seek revenge. 

Gus:  [Between the 3 of us we have] 5 legs, 4 eyes , 2 ½ working pairs of lungs and 2 dozen eggs, so if I were you, I’d go back inside.

Hazel:  I wish I could say that Augustus kept his sense of humor till the end, that not for one second did his courage waiver, but that’s not what happened.

Gus:  I always thought I would be a hero, a grand story they would tell in the papers and all.  I just thought I would be special.

Hazel:  I am mad.  I’m made because I think you are special….  You get me and your parents and this world.  It’s not nothing—because I love you and I am gonna remember you.

Hazel’s mom:  You, of all people, know it’s possible to live with pain.

Hazel’s Eulogy:  You gave me a forever within the number of days and for that I am eternally grateful. 

Hazel:  I didn’t call it a 9 because I was brave;  I was saving my 10.  This was it—the great and unbearable 10. 

Van Houten:  We need to fake-pray now.

Hazel’s Eulogy at the funeral:  There’s a beautiful quote in Gus’ home that reads, If you want the rainbow, you have deal with the rain. … I didn’t believe a word, but that’s OK.  Funerals, I have decided, are for the living, not the dead.

Van Houten:  I wouldn’t call him a fan.  He detested me.  But he quite insisted I attend his funeral and tell you what happened. 

Hazel’s Dad:  It was a privilege though, wasn’t it?  To love him?  Gives you an idea about how we fell about you. 

Gus:  Im’ a good person, but a s***ty writer.  Your’e a good writer, but a s***ty person.  Together we make a good team.

Gus:  She didn’t want a million admirers.  She only wanted one.  …  You never have to worry if she’s smarter than you because you know she is. … 

Gus:  You don’t get to choose if you get hurt in this world, but you do get to choose who hurts you, and I like my choices.  I hope she likes hers.


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