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The 33 – Quotes

Stacey Tuttle on February 17, 2016 - 11:00 pm in Movie Reviews 2015

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Every year 12,000 miners die in mining accidents.

Don Lucho: We may be looking at an internal weakness in the structure of the mine.

Don Lucho: My job is to keep these men safe.
Castillo: Your job is to keep [producing gold].

The safe room was 2300 feet down, and 194 F

Miner: That’s a big rock. Mario: That’s not a rock; it’s the heart of the mountain. She finally broke.

Don Lucho: We’re all here. I thank God for that.

Mario: I am not ready to sit down there in the refuge and wait for help.

Maria: Where are the rescue teams? …Why isn’t anyone doing anything? …Huh?... We have to do something.

Isabel Pereira: You’ve never set foot in a mine, Laurence. What makes you think you can make a difference?

Laurence: I believe we have a responsibility [to our fellow man/the miners].

Laurence: So what can we do next?
Castillo: Nothing.
Laurence: So what’s protocol?
Castillo: Protocol??? I’ve seen five collapses. You know who was sent? NO ONE!

Laurence: The mine is very unstable… we have to suspend any further rescue attempts.

Don Lucho: Rescued? Do you hear any drills? That’s because they’re not drilling for us. It took 100 years to dig this deep. Do you think the owners are going to spend the money to rescue us? … They’ll wait 3 days and close the mine.

Mario: I believe we’re going to get out of here because I choose to believe it. All 33 of us.

The saferoom was a 5 meter space, 200 stories down.

The rock was twice the mass of the empire state building.

Andre: What I’m saying, Minister, is that there’s a less than 1% chance that we can find them.

Maria: Hey—Minister of Mining! Don’t look at me like that. I’m not gonna slap you. I’m not saying I’m never gonna slap you. … You kept your word.

Preacher: Hate is for children. If we can just be good to each other, we might find a way out of here. We can say a prayer together if you like.
Dario: I don’t know the words.
Preacher: God doesn’t care.

Mario: We all knew about this place. Nobody’s blaming you. You wanna blame someone? Blame Castillo. Blame the owners.

Andre: This is becoming an impossible situation.
Laurence: Sometimes impossible situations take a little more time.

Mario to the Bolivian: Nobody’s eating anyone while I am here.

Dario: I have been wanting to say something. I’m sorry. I’m very sorry. I stole from you. I have been saving these for you. [Brings out some cookie pieces.] I just wish I had a box of them to give you.

Mario: I just want you to know I couldn’t be prouder than I am to share with you our last meal.

Laurence: 33 people under the ground. 300 [family members]. We are their only hope.

Maria: I mean well. I do. I say everything I think—that’s my trouble. I aim to please. I always seem to miss, not by miles, but I can’t seem to learn from my mistakes.

Andre: Learn from your mistakes.
Laurence: Aim to miss.

Mario: FREEDOM!!!

Dario: You know my sister, Maria? I know she is waiting for me and I don’t know how what to do.
Mario: You hug her and you cry like a baby and forgive her everything she’s ever done and hope that she forgives you, too. She’s family, and family is all we’ve got.

Mario: Look at me. That’s the devil guiding your hand. Are you gonna kill a man over this piece of s*** [an ipod]? For what???

Mario: We walked in miners and we’ll walk out miners. I didn’t make the deal… Why? Because of you. You are my brothers and if we are gonna stay brothers, we gotta pull together and get out of here. I’m sorry. I’m very sorry.

Miner to outside world: Thank you for not giving up on us. Thank you for not giving up on us!!!

On the wall in the mine: Here lived 33 miners. Aug 5 – Oct 13, 2010. God was with us.

The mine owners were not sued for criminal negligence. The miners were not compensated.

They remain brothers to this day.


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