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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 – Quotes

Stacey Tuttle on May 9, 2014 - 10:45 pm in Movie Quotes 2014

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Richard Parker:  People say that I’m’ a monster for what I’ve done. Maybe they’re right.  I always thought that I’d have more time.

Gwen Stacy:  What makes life valuable is that it doesn’t [last forever].  …That’s what makes it precious.

Peter Parker gives diploma to Aunt May:  This is for you.  You’ve earned it!

Peter:  I can’t lose you, Gwen.
Gwen:  Because you can’t lose me, we can’t be together?  Who does that work out for? 

Newscasters about Spider-man:  Who pays the bills for all the damage he causes?

Newscasters about Spider-man:  He’s not police… what gives him the right to be in other people’s business?

Peter:  I was cleaning the chimney.
Aunt May:  We have no chimney.
Peter:  Whaaat?

Peter about his photos of Spider-man:  Jim pays me a fair wage.  If it was 1961, Jim pays me a fair wage.

Max:  Out of all the people in the world, he saved me.

Gwen:  Nice to meet you, Max.
Max:  She remembered my name!

Norman Osborn:  You had such potential.  Such  intelligence.  And you’re throwing it all away. 
Harry Osborn:  That is the Osborn way—whatever is inconvenient, get rid of it.  You threw me away. 

Harry:  From now on, everybody at this table works for Felicia, because Felicia works for me.

Harry:  Dude, that whole model thing is so exhausting.

Harry:  She works for me?  Wow.  Is she a “model” employee?

Peter:  My dad left me a briefcase.  A briefcase full of junk.  I try not to think about it.
Gwen:  How’s that working out for ya?
Peter:  Perfectly.

Peter:  We’ve got to establish some ground rules.  Like that laugh…that laugh’s off the table. 

Spider-Man to Max:  Sparkles! 

Max:  I just wanted everyone to see me.

Peter:  This is the maintenance closet, Gwen.  This is the most clichéd of hiding places. 
Gwen:  Well, I’m sorry I didn’t take you to the Bahamas of hiding places. 

Maybe everyone has a part of themselves they hide—even from the ones they love. 

Welcome back to the Bonus Round!

Gwen:  Stop the cab!
Cab Driver:  Lady, I ain’t even moving!

Peter:  We’re not on different paths.  You’re my path.  I’m following you.  I’m following you all my life.  I’m just gonna follow you.  They got crime in London.  They got Jack the Ripper…  They never caught Jack the Ripper.

Max:  I will control everything and I will be like a god to them.
Spider-Man:  A god named Sparkles?

Spider-Man:  Shake it off.  It’s just your bones and your muscles and your organs. 

Gwen:  What?  You web me to a car?  What are you, a cave man?  Peter!  (slaps hand over her mouth)

Gwen:  I know how to help you.  You need me.  No one makes my decisions for me.

You were my friend and you betrayed me. 

Too bad about that Spider-guy.  It seems the world really needs him.

Gwen’s Valedictorian Speech:  No matter how [bad] it gets or how lost you feel, you must promise me that you will hold on to hope.

Kid to Spider-Man:  I knew you’d come back!
Spider-Man:  Yeah, thanks for stepping up for me!



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