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The Boss Baby – Movie Discussion

Stacey Tuttle on April 14, 2017 - 9:26 am in Movie Reviews 2017
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I once heard someone explain the poverty mentality with a pie chart. They said that a poverty mindset says that if there is a pie chart that represents love in the world (or resources of any sort), then if someone takes part of that love (or resource), that means there is less for you. Therefore, you need to guard what you have and take as much as you can. A Christian, however, doesn’t need to have a poverty mindset because they know the pie maker. They don’t have to hoard the pieces of pie for themselves, they can instead ask the maker of pie to simply make another. Therefore, if someone takes some of “their�? pie, they can give it willingly, knowing they can get more. Boss Baby actually, basically said the same thing! Well, it doesn’t actually talk about a pie-maker-God, but it does so clearly illustrate the poverty mentality, with a pie-chart, no less, and show how it harms everyone it touches. It’s a great opportunity to talk with people (your children, perhaps?!) about how God can change our hearts and our thinking so that we don’t have to be hoarders but can, instead, be givers. It’s kind of brilliant!

Tim had an ideal family life. He had his parents’ full attention and basked in it. He didn’t want things to change, but a baby showed up and changed everything. They were enamored with the new baby, and tired, of course, and Tim resented the baby because he felt there was less love for him in the house. He was already feeling that way, when he discovered the baby could talk, and the baby perpetuated that fear. This is just how the enemy works. He takes an area we are already a bit insecure about and struggling with, and confirms our worst fears.

Tim: Mom and dad don’t even know you. They love me! Boss Baby: Oh yeah?! There’s only so much time to go around… Babies take all the love. All the time. Allthe attention… Do the math – there’s not enough love to go around… Before long there’s no room for Tim… Tim doesn’t count anymore.

Can’t you hear it? Tim is wrestling with the lies. He’s trying to believe he’s loved. But the Boss Baby goes for the jugular and speaks out Tim’s worst fears. There’s one love pie, and the baby is going to take all the slices and Tim will have none for himself.

Where did that kind of thinking come from? Well, Boss Baby is perpetuating his own beliefs because he, too, has a poverty mentality. He had a business mindset and looked at love like he did economics, in terms of supply and demand and limited resources… And there was a crisis in the baby business—puppies were taking away the love from babies. “See this pie chart? It represents all the love in the world… If this keeps up, there may not be enough pie left for baby.�? “If this new puppy is as cute as we fear, it could put the baby business out of business.�?

There is a cycle of poverty that goes beyond our welfare systems. It’s not just an economic fact, but a mentality that cycles and gets passed down and around to others. You can see this in the movie. Francis Francis, a former Boss Baby, explains why he wants to create a puppy that would take love away from babies and put the baby business out of business: “Baby corp stole all the love from me and now I’m going to take it from you!�? You can see how contagious the mentality is. Francis Francis was out to steal love from the babies, which instilled fear in baby corp, so they sent out their agents to protect their allotment of love (their pie, if you will). Those agents came into homes and projected their fearful mindset onto the children there, who began to wonder if it was true that their parents didn’t have enough love to go around. The poverty mindset is a contagious virus that brings no good.

The beauty of it though, is the way it ends. You heard Tim, earlier, wrestling with his own poverty mindset and trying to resist the lies of the enemy, saying that he would be loved less because of the new baby. This is where victory starts—it’s in claiming truth. He kept choosing, or at least trying to choose to believe that he really was loved. It helped that he had such a firm foundation in his home, before Boss Baby came, to draw from. It also helped that he and Boss Baby were able to form a partnership of necessity wherein Baby would leave the home if Tim could help him with his mission. There is nothing like joining together in a common fight/mission to bond you to someone and change your heart toward them. At the end of their adventure, they’d grown fond of each other, despite their belief that could never happen. Tim began to think not only of himself and what he might gain or lose, but he began to care for someone else—Boss Baby. That is a transformative thing, learning to “love your neighbor [or brother] as yourself�?.

In the end, Tim goes beyond the poverty mindset and even beyond a prosperity mindset, in the most beautiful way. He doesn’t just say there’s enough pie for us both, or my parents can make more love pie. That would be a prosperity mindset—where the focus is still on whether or not there’s enough for you, and knowing there will be because God will bless you with what you need. Actually, Tim goes completely beyond that into a Kingdom mindset. He stops thinking about his own need for love at all. Instead, with this beautiful self-forgetfulness he focuses on giving and sacrificing so that Boss Baby will feel fully loved. “Even though I never went to business school, I did go to Kindergarten, and [I learned to share] and if there isn’t enough love for both of us, I’d like to give you all of mine.�?

Questions for Discussion:

  • Where do you struggle with the poverty mindset/pie-chart mentality most? Is it with love/emotional resources or physical resources like finances?
  • How did Tim overcome his poverty mindset?
  • How does it change things if you know that God is a pie-maker and can always make more of what you need?

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