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The Boss Baby – Quotes

Stacey Tuttle on April 14, 2017 - 9:26 am in Movie Quotes 2017
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Tim: Survival of the fittest. It’s the law of the jungle. Someone is always trying to take what belongs to you.

Dad: Hey, how would you like to have a brother?
Tim: No thanks. I’m enough.

Tim: One thing was clear. HE was the boss.

Tim: He carries a briefcase—isn’t hat a little weird?
Dad: You carried Lamb Lamb around for years…
Tim: This is not about Lamb Lamb.

Boss Baby: Can’t ride a bike without training wheels? Even a bear can ride a bike without training wheels.

Tim: Mom and dad don’t even know you. They love me!
Boss Baby: Oh yeah?! There’s only so much time to go around… Babies take all the love. All the time. All the attention… Do the math – there’s not enough love to go around… Before long there’s no room for Tim… Tim doesn’t count anymore.

Boss Baby: Babies aren’t getting as much love as they used to… [Now there’s a crisis: Puppies.]

Boss Baby: If this new puppy is as cute as we fear, it could put the baby business out of business.

Boss Baby: This is my team? A muscle head, a bunch of yes-men and a doodler?!

Boss Baby: Spit out the cookie. Cookies are for closers.

Tim: My parents wrote that song for me!!!!
Boss Baby: Really?! Your parents are Lennon and McCartney?
Tim: No. They’re Ted and Janice! You don’t even know them!

Boss Baby: I’m on a mission from above.
Other baby: Huh? Are you the baby Jesus?!

Boss Baby: See this pie chart? It represents all the love in the world… If this keeps up, there may not be enough pie left for baby.

Tim: Aren’t you going to do any work?
Boss Baby: I’m very busy delegating.

Boss Baby (regarding Hansel and Gretel): Let me get this straight, the story is about cannibalism and burning people alive? No wonder kids are all screwed up.

Francis Francis: They replaced me with someone new, someone younger. You know how that feels… She got all of the attention.

Boss Baby: How did we get past Scary Poppins over there?

Boss Baby: Code red, I’m being chased by a killer baby sitter!

Boss Baby: Aim for failure and you’ll always succeed.
Tim:  What?!
Boss Baby: Aim away from failure!

Tim: You don’t know what it’s like to be part of a family.
Boss Baby: And you don’t know what it’s like to have a job!

Tim: I wish you’d never been born.

Tim: Go ahead, say something mean to him.
Boss Baby:  So, uh, you went to a community college, did you?!

Francis Francis: A puppy that never grows up never gets old.

Francis Francis: Baby corp stole all the love from me and now I’m going to take it from you!

Tim: I will be there year after year and we will always be brothers. Always.

Tim: Even though I never went to business school, I did go to Kindergarten, and [I learned to share] and if there isn’t enough love for both of us, I’d like to give you all of mine.

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