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The Case for Christ – Movie Discussion

Stacey Tuttle on April 28, 2017 - 10:30 am in Movie Reviews 2017
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Many believers will have heard the story of Lee Strobel’s journey to Christianity—how he set out to disprove God, angry that his wife had become a Christian; how he became a Christian after a two-year long journey researching the evidence in an attempt to disprove the resurrection of Christ. This is a really well-made movie (aka it doesn’t feel low-budget) of that story.

I wasn’t sure how they would pull it off, frankly. Would it be like a documentary presenting all the evidence he found? No. But it does do a good job of presenting some key points of evidence as part of his journey. It gives you enough to stand on without overwhelming you with facts and details. It also really shows how Leslie’s (his wife’s) conversion to Christianity absolutely upset their marriage. He felt betrayed, felt she was trying to change him and make him good enough for Christ, felt he wasn’t enough so she needed another man—Jesus, and he resented that their daughter was being “biased�? towards Christianity because of Leslie’s faith. You also see how hard it was for Leslie, dealing with his attacks on her faith—this thing that gave her life meaning, and also how lonely it was—going on the most important and wonderful journey of her life and not being able to tell him about it, much less take him with her.

Lee became a Christian in part because of the scientific evidence he found, but it was also in part because of the evidence he found in Leslie. She was different. He couldn’t deny the changes he saw in her life because of her faith and relationship with Jesus. Personally, I was really grateful for that balance. The power of her testimony was as undeniable as the fact he found and both were critical pieces of convincing him Jesus was real. There’s a good lesson in there for all of us as we think about witnessing to the unbelieving world.

The movie was good. It was entertaining and it was a quality story/movie. It also, however, is full of great facts about the proof of the resurrection of Christ, so it’s academically beneficial. It’s also very encouraging, especially to anyone who is trusting God to move in the lives of loved ones who don’t believe, so it’s emotionally and spiritually beneficial. I came away with a renewed dedication to prayer and a renewed sense of hope that God could and would do as he promised Ezekiel, “And I will give you a new heart, and a new spirit I will put within you. And I will remove the heart of stone from your flesh and give you a heart of flesh�? (Ezekiel 36:26)—the verse Leslie prayed over Lee daily for years. No one is beyond the reach of God. No heart is too hard. Hopefully, prayerfully, this movie will be a tool (as Lee’s books have been—Case for Christ itself selling over 14 million copies) to reach the lost for Christ and to encourage the believer to trust God to reach the lost.

Read quotes from the movie, here.

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