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The Dark Tower – Quotes

Mike on January 18, 2018 - 12:37 pm in Uncategorized
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A tower exists at the center of the universe.
It is said the mind of a child can bring it down.

Homeless man:  Power of your mind—that’s what they want.

Man in Black:  You want to know what’s on the other side?  Nothing.
Wounded Soldier:  Go to hell.
Man in Black:  Been there.  Now burn.

Gunslinger’s code:  I do not aim with my hand.  He who aims with his hand has forgotten the face of his father.  I aim with my eye.
I do not shoot with my hand.  He who shoots with his hand has forgotten the face of his father.  I shoot with my mind.
I do not kill with my gun.  He who kills with his gun has forgotten the face of his father.  I kill with my heart.

Man in Black:  Love your mask.  Choose a pretty face and the world is your oyster.

Man in Black:  “HATE.”  (He whispers to a girl as he walks by.)

Roland:  What happens in one world echoes in others.

Man in Black:  Everyone who walks with you dies.

Roland:  You handled yourself well.  That was brave, going for the gun.

Man in Black:  Oh you know me, Lon.  You’re the one who called me here…with every thought…  Hoping if you got rid of the brat mommy here would love you better.

Man in Black:  Well, it looks like I’ve got myself a stalker.

Man in Black:  The guilt you must feel, not believing in him.  And you sent your only son off to the Asylum.  Shame. On. You.

Aura:  Your gift is extraordinary, Jake.  It made me see across worlds.

Roland:  Do they have guns in your world?  And bullets—are they as rare as they are here?
Jake:  You’re going to like earth.  A lot.

Villager:  He is…of the son of Eld…  But his heart’s in his pocket… He’s not a gunslinger anymore.

Roland:  The darkness is everywhere.  Fighting against it is futile.
Aura:  Isn’t that why we’ve stopped [fighting and are] losing?  We stopped believing?!

Jake:  Look, he saved my life and he doesn’t even like me that much.  He’s still a gunslinger.  I know it.

Roland:  Knife!!!
Jake:  He’s a chef!

Roland to some prostitutes:  You have both forgotten the faces of your fathers.

Man in Black:  A seer who lies – the worst kind.  I like you already!

Homeless man:  I know what you are, gunslinger.

Roland:  No, Jake.  Don’t see it.  That’s what he wants.  He’s tracking you.  Close your mind.

What about the tower?  My mom died so you could have revenge?!

Roland:  Shine is your weapon, Jake.  Guns are mine.

Man in Black:  You want to kill the Man in Black.  You’re like a dog chasing a bone.

Man in Black:  Death always wins—that’s the deal.  …  You’re a terrible father.

Man in Black:  Bye.  Have a great apocalypse.

Man in Black:   Why resist?  Your visions didn’t bring you to him, they brought you to me.

Man in Black:   He doesn’t love you.  This is your destiny.

Man in Black:  It’s fitting that you and the tower should fall together.

Roland:  I have to leave you here, Jake.  You understand that, don’t you?
Jake:  I know.
Roland:  You could come with me.  There’s nothing for you here.  Besides, I could use your help, gunslinger.


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