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The Great Wall – Quotes

Stacey Tuttle on February 22, 2017 - 1:30 pm in Movie Quotes 2017
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5500 miles of wall. Took 1700 years to build.

The wall protected from many dangers, some are known, some are legends.

Tovar (?): He has a right to die wherever he wants.
William: I’ve been left for dead twice. It was bad luck.
Tovar: For who?
William: The people who left me.

Tovar: I haven’t surrendered in a while.
William: It’ll come back to you.

General: We’ve spent 60 years preparing for this day.

William and Tovar: Black are foot soldiers, red are the archers. And blue… they’re all women? What the h*** do they do?

Tovar: Look over there – why isn’t he tied up?

Tovar: What god made those things?
William: None that we know.

Tovar: Think they’ll hang us now?
William: I could use the rest.

General (?): The enemies we are facing are more intelligent than those we faced 60 years ago.

Ballard: You saved the west turret – that was very diplomatic of you.
William: We weren’t being diplomatic. We were trying to stay alive.

William: We are honored to be honored.
Tovar: Is that all you’ve got?

Ballard: He should be careful with her. She’s very powerful here.
Tovar: Then it is a fair contest.

Lin: Here in this army, we fight for more than food or money…trust in each other in all ways at all times.

Lin: A man must learn to trust before he can be trusted.
William: Then you were right, we are not the same.

General: They came to remind us of what happens when greed is unchecked.

General: They led us into a trap. We underestimated their intelligence.

Tovar: I’m only saving you so I can kill you myself.

Lin: Black powder—it is a terrible weapon. It would be better if you had never seen it.

Lin: I’ve never seen [much of] the outside world, but it seems to be the greed of man is much like the tao tei.

William: You’re much braver than they think.

Tovar: I see black powder.
William: I see a man forget his friends. Black powder is not going anywhere.

Tovar: You are a thief and a liar and a killer. You cannot undo the things you have done and you will never be anything but…
William: They need us here. I’ve been a fool and I’m done with it. We’ve been fighting for nothing, for greed…. Stay and fight.

Kill the queen or we all die.

General (?): Leave and tell the world what you have seen and tell them what is coming. William: I’ll need my bow. If I’m to join you, I’ll need my bow.

Lin: I set you free.
William: And here I am.

William: So how’s life without me?
Tovar: A little slow. Well, so you’re a hero after all?
William: Seems like it.

William: The emperor gave me a choice. He told me I could take the black powder or I could take you.
Tovar: Please tell me you chose the powder? [William unlocks his shackles.] I don’t even know you anymore.

Lin: Perhaps we were both wrong. We were more similar than I thought.

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